RIPTIDE Swimming 

“Inspire and develop life skills through perseverance in the sport of swimming"

We welcome all individuals with the willingness to learn and succeed at swimming and in life. To us, swimming is a lifetime sport and combines the development of mind, body, and spirit into one's personal growth and ultimate success. By striving for success in swimming each individual will face their own personal obstacles, such as: fatigue, boredom, disappointment and possibly even failure.

Through swimming we can help develop skills such as goal setting, discipline, respect and sportsmanship so each individual can learn to overcome obstacles set before them. These lessons in swimmer transfer into all of life's situations.

Training Groups: (ages aer just a range and do not define an automatic move up to a group)

PreTeam This is for our very beginner swimmers beginning at 5-10 years of age. They will swim once a week for 60 minutes. Working on freestyle and backstroke technique, as well as the basics of breaststroke and butterfly, will be the focus.  during the season, which will run from September to the end of May.

Freshman: This group is for swimmers  7-10 years of age. This group practices 3 times a week for an hour each.  All four strokes are introduced, along with starts and turns.  Swimmers are to be fluid in all four strokes before moving on at the encouragement of the freshman coach. Their season is from September to the end of May.

Sophomore:This group is for more experienced swimmers ages 9 and over., and they are fluid in all four strokes, as well as competitive experience.  The maximum age for the Sophomore group is 13. Stroke technique and conditioning for competitive swimming are emphasized. Sophomore swimmers practice 4 times a week 1 Dryland session per week.  They also have the opportunity for Long Course training in the summer.  Placement in this group is done thru evaluation by Sophomore coach and final approval of head coach. This group will swim from September to the end of May, with LC training available for the summer.

Junior: This group is for the more competitive swimmer 11 years of age and older. All aspects of swimming are emphasized, with more focus on technique refinement and enhanced training.  Dry land training is introduced 2 times per week. This group practices 5 timers per week. Placement is done by evaluation of Junior coach, recommendation of Sophomore coach and final approval of the head coach

This group makes a commitment to train at the highest level to achieve Gold and National time standards. Their practices in the pool and dryland will be challenging. Swimmers are required to attend practice 5-6 days a week for 2 to 2 & 1/2 hours plus dry land.  Attendance, dedication and commitment must be maintained to be in this group, plus be a great role model for all other fellow athletes. Placement is done by evaluation, times and approval of the head coach.

The Sophomore, Junior, Pre-Senior and Senior groups are required to attend and participate in dryland. Dryland will consist of an array of exercises and drills to increase core strength and flexibility. Exercises will use equipment like medicine balls, cords,free weights, and natural body weight.