Swim meets: Commit / Decline
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How do I get my swimmer into a meet?
  • Log onto website
  • Go to the meets for your group and either Commit or Decline the meets
  • It is very important that you either COMMIT or DECLINE the meets for your swimmer(s).
  • If you do nothing, your swimmer will not be entered.
  • If it is a 2- day meet – you can note that you can only attend Sat or only attend Sun – please do this to make it easier for the coaches to enter the events.
  • Click SAVE once you are done
Swim meets are a tool for coaches to see how swimmers are improving, what they need to work on and build confidence.
The coaches, go over the NJ Swimming meet schedule and decide the meets we would like our groups to participate in.
Once posted please check your schedule and decide which meet(s) to attend.
Meets fill up very quickly so once a meet is posted at NJ Swimming we must send our entries in right away otherwise we may get shut out.  We need you to either Commit or Decline the meets so the coaches and do the entries quickly.
If for some reason you missed a deadline please email your primary coach or coach Kendal [email protected] right away – it’s not a guarantee that we can still get you in.
Sometimes we must do meet entries 2 or 3 months out. That is why you need to check your schedule and commit or decline meets RIGHT AWAY
If you commit now and need to change later, if we can remove your swimmer without charging you meet fees we will try.
Once meet entries are accepted your meet escrow will be charged.
1. Team Unify- Click on the Meet and click on your swimmer' name.  The events should be listed
2. On Deck App- Go to Events. Then Meets/Events.  Click on the meet "commitment tab" listed under the meet.  Click on your swimmer's name and they will be listed.