In the event of Inclement Weather (Thunderstorms, Snow, etc):

Sometimes the Club closes outright, and it is beyond our control.  Other times, it is left up to the staff to determine whether or not it is safe to conduct scheduled practices.  We always factor in the conditions, time of day, and the fact that we have many swimmers who drive themselves to practice.  We try to allow for enough time before the beginning of any practice for those who travel a little extra further.  35-45 min is the range that we like to give.

You will first be alert you by using our SMS text messaging system, then usually a follow up with an email confirming the text alert.

DO NOT CALL THE CLUB OR NJ SWIM!!!!! 99% of the time, it is the decision of our staff, and they will NOT be able to help you.  Please give us up until 35-45 min before your swimmer's practice time, to allow for a notification to come through.  We may not have the answer until then as we are sometimes still waiting and watching.  Many times, we go practice by practice.  Meaning, we try to get in whoever we can, based on the conditions.  

It is always our goal to be able to have the kids come in and swim, but the safety of everyone comes first!!!  If we have practice, but you have determined that it is not your best interest to try to get there, please know that it is ok!!!  Email your swimmer's coach (not me) to let them know.  Take your time when driving.  If they are late, again, it is ok!  Safety comes FIRST!!!