How can I see my Swimmer's Time from a Sanctioned Meet? 

1.  Meet Mobile- this app for your phone is a great tool.  You can search by your swimmer's name or by the meet name in the search engine at the top.  NOT ALL MEETS utilize Meet Mobile, but it is awesome when they do, because you can get the unofficial times pretty quickly after they race.  By the end of the meet, once all of the DQs and times are accounted for the Final Results are usually posted.  Download it and play around with it, to get the hang.  It's user friendly.

2.  On Deck-  After the meet, we are usually emailed the final results within about a weeks time.  They are then download it so that you can view the results throught the Meet Results option of the menu bar.  Again, this will not be immediate, but it's download it as soon as we get it.

3. Archived Meet- throught our team page, if you go to the meet/events tab and click the Past Archived, you can put in a search for the meet you are looking for.  We are NOT ALWAYS GIVEN A PDF file, but when we do, we download the pdf into the archived meet.