Prospective Swimmers

The New Milford Barracudas is a year round swim team with approximately 120 swimmers that participates in USA Swimming meets, as well as Parks and Recreation Yankee Swim League and the State Line League meets.

There are two components to the New Milford Barracudas swim team, USA Swimming and Parks & Recreation. This allows swimmers the opportunity to compete in Parks and Recreation swim meets throughout the state of Connecticut as well as multi-club invitational USA meets. This multi-component structure allows our swimmers to compete at all levels of competitive swimming.

  There are two seasons for each component of the team – winter and summer:

USA Swimming Long Course Season typically runs from April to the beginning of August.
USA Swimming Short Course Season runs from September to the beginning of March.

Parks and Rec

The Parks and Recreation Summer Season runs from Mid-June to the beginning of August
The Parks and Recreation Fall/Winter Season runs from September to the beginning of March

The cost for USA Swimmers is approximately $500 - $800 depending on the swimmers' practice group. Practices are usually 1.5 hours a night. There are other fees throughout the season which include USA Swimming dues ($75) and meet fees (approximately $25 - $30 per meet). Meets are usually on the weekends. Swimmers on the USA team must also pay any applicable Parks and Recreation fees along with the USA fees. 

The cost for Parks and Recreation swimmers is approximately $160 for the summer season which includes all meets and 2 nights a week of practice. Meets are in the mornings during the week with several evening meets. The cost for Parks and Recreation swimmers for the winter season is between $350 and $500 depending on the skill level of your swimmer (decided during tryouts) with 2 to 3 practice nights/week. The meets are included in the fees and are usually on Saturdays.

Practices are normally between the hours of 6pm and 8pm. The specific time and length of practice is confirmed before the season starts for each individual level.

Please email any Coach or Board of Director with any questions.