Barracudas Team Merchandise

2018 Holiday Merchandise Order!

Barracudas Team Caps are available for $10. Stuffed Barracuda (approximately 17" long) can be yours for $20. Please see Jenn Neeb or Jen Douglas


Barracudas Jewelry by Charm of Hearts

Swim mom Sharon Elias creates amazing jewelry, bookmarks, backpack charms, and more. She generously donates 20% of her Barracudas sales to the team. They make great gifts! Please contact Sharon via email if you are interested in making a purchase.

Necklace -$18
(Stainless steel necklace - includes an engraved charm and a green bead)
Additional charms are $3 each.


Bracelets - $18
(Stainless steel bracelet- includes an engraved stainless steel charm, made with love heart  )
Additional charms are $3 each


Keychains -$12
(includes an engraved stainless steel charm, keychain ring and a lobster clasp)
Additional charms are $3 each.

Bookmarks - $12
(includes an engraved stainless steel charm)
Additional charms are $3 each