Charger Aquatics will head back to the US Olympic Training Center in April for another weekend of elite level training.  The team will depart from Albuquerque Academy early Friday morning, April 20th and return on the afternoon of Sunday, April 22nd.  The trip will include sessions in the 50m pool, class room time, video review for each swimmer, time in the USOTC gift shop and a team activity.  

CAQ will be taking 30 swimmers - 15 female and 15 male - on the trip.  The top 5 female and 5 male swimmers based on their IMX average from the long course meets this summer will be invited to attend, along with 10 more females and males picked by the coaching staff.

This has always been a great experience for the kids and one that we hope to continue in the future.  If you have any questions regarding the trip, or the selection of the team, please contact Tom Cyprus at 858-8871 or

For the trip overview click here

For the application to be considered for travel click here

CAQ Team Roster:


                Based on IMX Scores

                                Allison Bernier

                                Kiley Carmody

                                Hannah Meek

                                Lydia Orr

                                Alicia Kynjing

                Coaches’ choices

                                Caitlin Fitzpatrick

                                Mackenzie Jarrell

                                Brynn Quintana

                                Rose Pineda

                  Julia Megofna

                  Charlize O’Donnell

                  Christina Shou

                  Isabel Orem

                  Cori Butterfield

                  Phoebe Davis

                  Robin Abrams


                Based on IMX Scores

                                Cole Bettis

                                Nolan Arnholt

                                Trey Robison

                                Brock Zuyderwyk

                                Tristan Zuyderwyk

                Coaches’ choices

                                Ryan Dalton

                                Jake Hand

                                Darien O’Donnell

                                Connor Dalton

                                Ethan Fricke

                                Wyatt Nolen

                                Dylan Nguyen

                                Gage Sheldahl

                                Finn Carroll

                                Leo Kim