CAQ Suit Policy 2022-2023

In an effort to provide our swimmers the best environment to progress and develop appropriately within the sport, we feel that athletes within each group through the team should be competing in a suit that is appropriate for their level of competition. 

We want our swimmers to feel that it is the SWIMMER, NOT the SUIT that makes them fast!!! 

However, we understand that Families have different needs for their Athletes, and different types of suits are more comfortable for our swimmers. 

To allow our Families to choose the competition suit that is right for them, please use the below guidelines:

  • Preference for Competing in the CAQ Team Suit offered via SkiPro at most meets

  • If the Team Suit does not work for you, please select a suit that meets the following criteria:

    • Speedo suit as first preference

    • Royal Blue or Navy in color

    • For 12 & Unders, the Suit meets FINA regulations for competition age 12 & Under (only for use of Technical suits, traditional suits need not worry about this)

  • If selecting a technical suit for competition, make sure it is a Speedo product

As a Speedo sponsored team, our athletes should be competing in Speedo products, whether the selected Team Suit, or the Aquablade and Technical Suits they offer.  Please join us in making a real push to look more like a “TEAM” when we compete at a meet.  

Thank you,

The CAQ Coaching Staff