Charger Aquatics Swim Club has 8 different levels to offer our athletes so they can be grouped by ability and age.  All practice levels have various issues that come into play when the coaching staff selects the appropriate group for the swimmer.  Such factors include, but are not limited to, age, ability, practice attendance, meet attendance and performance, training ability, maturity level and experience.


The professional staff at Charger Aquatics Swim Club has been working with swimmers for more than 60 years.  We have a lot of experience placing swimmers into the proper group and we understand that there will be disagreements from time to time concerning certain swimmers.  Please remember that all practice group assignments are determined by the coaching staff using the following guidelines and that certain exceptions do apply. To see our Group Change Criteria, please click here




SENIOR Elite – This is our highest level training group and requires the greatest commitment from the swimmers.  These athletes have shown dedication to training, racing, their goals, and the team.  Swimmers in this group are working toward achieving national times standards and have plans to swim in college.  Attendance in this group is at a premium (minimum of 85%) and Senior Elite swimmers are expected to be role models for the younger swimmers and leaders for the entire team.  Swimmers in this group will be expected to attend meets and compete in all strokes, at all distances.




SENIOR Regional – This group is designed for swimmers who are beyond the Age Group Program and working towards Regional-level qualifications for Sectionals/Zones/SWAGR, but not quite ready for the training demands of Senior 1.  They are focused on swimming, competing, and goal setting.  These swimmers must be prepared to work hard and compete in meets.  Stroke refinement is a key in this group as the swimmers begin to experience more intense, longer workouts.  Attendance is suggested to be above 70% in this group to further the development of the aerobic base and help insure growth in the sport.



SENIOR State – This group is designed for the swimmers who have demonstrated an interest in swimming and refining their techniques. A high level of attendance is suggested.  Swimmers will be at least 13 years old and encouraged to attend swim meets.  Practice focus will be on stroke technique first, followed by endurance. Swimmers in this group are working to reach their State qualifying times. 



AG Regional – This is the highest level of training for the Age Group Program.  These swimmers are competing at the State and Zone levels and have shown a true commitment to the sport and CAQ.  Swimmers in this group have the desire and willingness to make it to the top and be the young leaders of the team.  Stroke technique continues to be a primary focus as the swimmers start to expand their aerobic base which is vital to future success in the sport.  Although attendance is not required, it is encouraged to help the swimmers prepare for the demanding schedules of senior training.  This will be the first group where the swimmers begin to talk about training paces and holding certain speeds throughout the workouts. 


AG Championship – This group is designed for the up and coming young swimmers who have shown a real interest in the sport, athletes are primarily 10 & Under.  They may have State qualifying times or be working to achieve those times.  Swimmers in this group are starting to attempt the longer, more difficult races at the swim meets.  The main focus of this group is stroke improvement as these swimmers have taken their first big jump to a new level.  All swimmers should be able to do under-water kick outs past the flags and be comfortable swimming the 200 IM.


GOLD – This is our Entry-Level group for 11-12 Year Olds. Swimmers in this group should have a good idea of how to properly execute all strokes, turns and starts correctly and should be gaining experience with swim meets.  The focus continues to be stroke development with an emphasis on competitions and trying new events.  Swimmers will know how to read a pace clock, do proper relay starts and be able to do underwater kick outs past the flags.


SILVER – This is our Entry-Level group for 9-10 Year Olds. Swimmers in this group should have good command of their freestyle and backstroke, be able to do breaststroke legally and have some experience with swimming butterfly.  Swimmers will be focused on correcting stroke flaws, working on starts and turns, under-water kicking and gaining meet experience.


BRONZE – This is our Entry-Level group for swimmers 8 & Under.  They must be able to swim freestyle and backstroke legally.  Swimmers will work on body position, streamlining, kicking and general arm and leg awareness.  They will begin learning proper breaststroke and butterfly.  The main focus of this group is for the swimmers to be more comfortable in the water and have fun.