Team Travel FAQs


Why is Team Travel important?

At Charger Aquatics we feel that Team Travel trips are an essential part of our team culture, and athlete development model. By traveling with their teammates and Coaching Staff, our swimmers learn valuable lessons on responsibility, accountability, and being a part of a team. It also prepares them for future travel opportunities where athletes may be selected to camps and/or meets at the LSC, Regional, or National level where they will need to be self-reliant, and accustomed to traveling with other athletes, outside of their usual travel with family. These are also often the best memories our swimmers have of their time at CAQ when they look back after graduating.

What Adults travel with the team, and how are Chaperones used?

On travel at CAQ, we utilize our Coaching Staff, as well as a few selected individuals for Chaperones on trips. Because of requirements from USA Swimming and MAAPP (Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy), all adults traveling with a team must be USA Swimming background checked and registered adults. We utilize our CAQ Staff to serve as those roles primarily, and occasionally will augment those numbers as needed with individuals who are registered USA Swimming members, who have completed a USAS Background Check.

How many Adults travel with the team on a trip?

Depending on the number of athletes on a trip, we will maintain at least a 1 Coach/Adult: 10 Athlete Ratio.

How are Athletes placed in rooms? How many athletes per Room?

Per the MAAPP policy, athletes are placed in rooms with members of the same competition category and age range. Our Coaching Staff works with each other to determine the best possible roommate scenarios for our Athletes to be comfortable. Depending on the event and hotel options, there may be anywhere from 2-3 athletes per Room. 

How are Room Checks conducted during Team Travel?

CAQ always operates under the “Two Deep” Room Check Policy: our Staff will conduct room checks in pairs to always allow for an observable and interruptible environment, per USAS Safe Sport. CAQ strictly follows USA Swimming guidelines and procedures for Safe Sport compliant travel.

What are the Athlete’s Behavior expectations?

Prior to each Team Travel trip, Athletes will be expected to sign, and adhere to the CAQ Team Travel Conduct Policy, which outlines proper behavior over the course of a trip. Should an Athlete choose to break this Policy, the CAQ Coaching Staff will determine the appropriate disciplinary action. 

How are Meals and Snacks handled during Team Travel?

CAQ will plan, and coordinate the meals and snacks for all athletes during Team Travel. Depending on the trip, this may include CAQ-arranged catered meals (billed as part of the meet expenses), or on some trips, Athletes may be asked to bring money to purchase meals at different stops along the trip. CAQ will collect information from Families prior to Travel to make sure any allergies or dietary restrictions are accounted for. 

How are Team Travel Trips billed to Families?

This varies somewhat depending on the size/level of the meet or trip your Athlete attends. Typically, the expenses of the trip (hotel, transportation, food) is divided equally between the swimmers, and Families are billed for their portion. By having these costs spread across the group, this helps to keep our costs lower for our Families, wherever possible.

What if my Athlete is nervous about being away from home?

The CAQ Coaching Staff works diligently to make sure our swimmers are as comfortable as possible on a Team Travel trip. We understand that being away from home and Parents can be a difficult scenario for our Athletes who haven’t done so before. In our experience, typically after the first night or so, the Athletes become more accustomed to being away, and enjoy their time with teammates. This can be an important step in the maturation process, and lead to our Athletes becoming more responsible, and self-reliant. But of course, if you are worried about your swimmer, or if they are having a hard time, please reach out to the Coaching Staff.

What about my Athlete’s phone? Are they allowed to have it on the trip?

Athletes are allowed and encouraged to have their phones with them during Team Travel so they can easily communicate with their Parents. However, there are scenarios where we ask them to put their phones away, and engage with their teammates. Phones will not be allowed out during Meal times, after Lights Out (we are asking the swimmers to make responsible choices for their Competition and leave phones alone when they should be sleeping), as well as during some phases of the Competition at a Team Travel Meet.

What about when CAQ travels to a meet by Air? How are airline tickets handled?

Whenever CAQ travels to a meet by Air, the Coaching Staff will select flights and purchase Coach tickets, then distribute information to Families so that Parents can purchase a ticket for their Athlete on the same flights. If a family chooses  to book airfare on a different airline or different flights, their Athlete needs to arrive by the same arrival time as the team flight so that they can connect with the Team at that point (preference should be to have Athletes on the same flights, it can become very complicated for our Staff to connect with swimmers should their flights get disrupted on different travel plans, nor can we be held responsible for that Athlete’s travel should they be apart from the CAQ flights)

Why are CAQ Athletes expected to attend meets on the Competition Schedule, and not supplement with meets of their own choosing?

As an organization centered around Team Culture, and competing as a Team, we expect our Athletes to attend the meets selected by our Coaching Staff. The lineup of meets each season is carefully selected, and planned to best challenge our Athletes, and provide appropriate competition. We want our Team competing together, and being focused on the same meets, to promote the sense of collective unity behind the group.