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The CAQ Coaching Staff has set the Practice Schedule for our 2019-2020 Short Course Season. Practices for next season will begin on August 19th. There have been some slight changes to the schedule for a few groups, so please be sure to look closely at your swimmer's practice time. To see the schedule for Early Fall, click here. To see the schedule for Winter, click here. 

Tom Cyprus

The spring schedule is available by clicking here The summer schedule is available by clicking here

A nice article about balancing academics and athletics

Here is a link to a web site that will get information to swimmers about dealing with the mental and physical aspects of our sport. Click here for the link.

This is a great article that was posted on the USA Swimming web site Monday.  It is recommended reading for ALL of our swimmers.  

A good article for our athletes who might not feel they are reaching the goals/expectations they have set for themselves.    

This is an interesting article and one we believe all parents should read.   

Charger Families, I am pleased to announce that Charger Aquatics is now on Facebook and Twitter! This is a great way to connect with our team and to stay involved with team news and updates. Please "Like" our facebook page by searching for Charger Aquatics At Academy on facebook. We will be posting pertinent news items, swimming related articles and videos, and other great information on the page for our swimmers and families to explore. On Twitter, please follow @ChargerAquatics to stay up to date on practices changes, breaking team...

Please read the recent article from USA Swimming concerning energy drinks.  Some people may think that the drinks are what the swimmers need to have in their system in order to have a great swim, but they couldn't be further from the truth. ENERGY DRINKS