Athlete Leadership Council Elected

John Butcher

Charger Aquatics is pleased to announce the first class of the CAQ Athlete Leadership Council, who have been elected from their peers. The representatives are:

  • From Age Group 1: Mackenzie Rivera and Tristan Dons
  • From Senior 3: Kiki Hall and Lucas Gutierrez
  • From Senior 2: Mimi Xue and Sam Papenguth
  • From Senior 1: Mackenzie Jarrell and Jake Hand

Congratulations to our newly elected Athlete Leaders!

Please see below for further information on the Athlete Leadership Council. 

The ALC will consist of one male and female athlete from the following training groups (AG1, SR3, SR2, SR1) that will be designated as team leaders for one year (one short course and one long course swim seasons). During their one-year council membership, these athletes will serve as representatives and ambassadors for their respective groups in the club and the greater Albuquerque community.

The ALC members will have the following roles and responsibilities:

1. Serve as team leaders/captains in and out of the pool with honesty and integrity.

2. Welcome new swimmers into their group, encouraging them and serving as mentors as they develop in swimming skills and character development.

3. Serve as a representative and spokesperson for athlete issues or concerns that may be presented to the Coaching staff.

4. Serve as a representative and ambassador for CAQ and the sport of swimming in the community. ALC members are expected to organize a minimum of two community service events during their term, with assistance from the coaching staff, and parents.

5. Continue to develop personal character traits and serve as positive examples who encourage world class character at practice, swim meets, school, and in the community.

6. The ALC may be called upon to provide an athlete perspective on disciplinary matters.