The following series of articles is sent to us weekly by the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) or ones that we have found out there in cyber space.  They are for educational purposes for both parents and swimmers, as many of the articles provide content worth reading.  The content varies greatly from 'the swimmer's side' topics such as nutrition, meet preparation, move-ups, new training groups, goal setting, handling the ups and downs of training, to the 'parent's side' topics, including dealing with disappointment, helping your swimmer set goals, commitments to the team and volunteering. 

We will add the most recently received articles at the top of the list.

Has R.I.C.E. finally been laid to rest?


The Only 2 Words Parents Need to Say to Coaches After a Game

Energy Drinks

Playing Favorites

Who Should the Head Coach Work With?

On Praising Your Children

Which Events Should Your Child Swim?

The Issue of Leadership

Where Should Fast Age Group Swimmers Train?

Because They MUST Fail

When the Coach is Away with a Few Swimmers

"Burnout" or "Choice"

The Positive Attitude

The Purpose of Team Travel Meets

Coffee and Caffeine

The Ten Commandments for Parents of Athletic Children

Competition and Children

When Your Child is Disqualified

Swimming is an Investment

Are All Efforts "Good" Efforts?

Balancing Breakfast with Morning Workouts

The Parent and the Coach

Swim Parents who are Swimmers

Age Group Swimmers and Taper

Swimming Tired

That's Not It!!!

The Career Club Coach

Key to Goal Setting - Parent Support

What Should My Child Be Eating Before and During Competitions?

Kids and Sport

What the Coach Looks for in a Swim Performance

Kids with Two Career Parents

Success in Athletics

Practice is Too Hard!!!

Quick Energy

What is "Swimmer's Ear?"

Supporting Your Children in Swimming

A Family that Plays Together

Adjusting to Different Stroke Techniques

The Fallacy of Age Group Rankings

Teaching Technique

After Your Child Swims the Event

Training Aids

The Marginally Motivated Swimmer

Helping Your Young Child set Goals

One Day in the Life of an Age Group Parent

Weight Training for Age Group Swimmers

What is Long Course, What is Short Course?


Swim Meet Basics for Parents

Eating on the Road

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Developing Swimmers Progressively

When Should Your Swimmer Start "Two-a-day" Practices?

Fast Food Breakfast Choices

Fast Food - Healthier Choices

Gain Weight to Gain Strength

Nutrition between Prelaims and Finals

What Motivates the Coach?

Learning to Prepare for the Best

Watching Your Child at Swim Lessons or Swim Practice

Glycogen Depletion

On Aging up and Expectations

When the Coach Goes to Nationals

When Swimmers return from Camp

When Sally Swims Poorly

Why Should a Club Support its Elite Athletes?

Speaking Up to Grow Up

I went to the Results Board to see how I did

When a Child starts on the Team as a Teenager

The Taper Chase

The Stroke Guru

Lifetime Fitness

Good Starts

What We do in Age Group and Stroke School Practice

My Man Dan