Tracking Swimmer’s Times, Qualifications & Cuts
Once a swimmer has participated in an official USA Swimming meet, his/her times will be documented on the “USA Swimming” website and you have access to the information.
·         Go to the “Times & Teams” pull down menu at the top of the home page and click on “Times Search”
·         On the left side of the page under “Times Search” highlighted in red, click on “Individuals Time Search”
·         Enter the swimmer’s Last Name, then First Name,
·         Use the pull down menu to select a competition period (ie 2011 Top Ten will include the entire SCY season)
·         Under “Search Parameters” indicate either:
o   All Events (includes LCM, SCM, and SCY) or specify:
o   LCM (Long Course Meters)
o   SCM (Short Course Meters)
o   SCY (Short Course Yards)
·         Enter the age range of the swimmer’s division (ie 11-12 years, 13-14 years, etc)
·         Click on the bubble “Show only the FASTEST time by event”
·         Then hit “SEARCH” and all of the swimmer’s BEST TIMES per event will be detailed
VERY IMPORTANT: If you would like to receive automatic notification after every meet that update the swimmer’s times, just set up an account with USA Swimming. Go to:
To find out whether a swimmer is qualified for a meet that requires specific “qualifying times” or “cuts” visit our CAQ website at , go to the pull down menu under the SWIMMERS category on the homepage and click on “Time Standards”. There you will find all of the state championship, regional, sectional, zone, national, and OLYMPIC qualifying times, as well as, NMAA High School qualifying times. The USA Swimming Age Group Motivational Times are also listed on that page.
·         Open the page to the specific meet and look for the swimmer’s gender, age group, and then distance/event for the qualifying time or cut required to enter in specific events.
As a swimmer’s times improve, so do their “cuts” in this order: B, BB, A, AA, AAA, and AAAA. Some meets require that a swimmer has a specific cut for eligibility. To find out the times for each cut, refer to:  2009-2012 A/B Age Group Motivational Time Standards. To find the Motivational Time Standards online, go to
·         Go to the “Times & Teams” pull down menu at the top of the home page and click on “Times Standards”
·         On the left side of the page under “Times Standards” highlighted in red, click on “Age Group Time Standards”
·         Then under “Time Standards” in blue text in the center of the page, click on 2009-2012 Age Group Motivational Standard Analysis where you will find all the cuts per gender, age group, distance and event.