Lobo Aquatic Club Fees

Short Course season usually starts at the end of August and that is when our 'year' begins as well. Although most new swimmers join at this time, Lobo welcomes new swimmers any time of the year up to our team cap.

These are the fees associated with joining Lobo Aquatic Club:

  1. USA Swimming Registration Fee
    All swimmers must register with USA Swimming each year. Currently that fee for 2022 is $76.
  2. LOBO Registration Fee
    This is a one-time $50 registration fee for Lobo Aquatic Club. However, if you leave Lobo and then re-join, you must pay that fee again.
  3. Membership Fee
    Members may pay monthly, seasonal (short course or long course), or annually
    . We have very competitive rates outlined in our registration process. We offer a multi-swimmer discount for families that equals the cost of two senior swimmers.
  4. Service Hours Commitment
    Each family is asked to fulfill service hours at Lobo-hosted meets in lieu of fundraising. If all or some hours are unfulfilled after a meet, fees will be assessed as outlined in our Service Hours Commitment.
  5. Transfer Fees

Swimmers transferring from another team to Lobo will need to fill out a transfer form and Email it to the Lobo Registrar at [email protected] or you can contact the Lobo Registar about how to submit a hardcopy. Your account will be charge the NMSwim $10 transfer fee. You will not be charged an additional USAS registration fee if you already have a USASwim ID and membership that is current for this year.

Swimmers transferring from Lobo to another USAS need to email a copy of the transfer form to the LoboRegistrar in order to shut down the parent account and no longer receive emails.

  1. Meet Fees
    If a swimmer signs up for a meet, there will be some costs associated with that meet. Each meet charges a pool use and per event charge as per meet sanctions. Your account will be invoiced on the first of the month following the date meet entries are submitted. Lobo parents who become officials and who help officiate at the meet do not pay these fees. Some meets also incur travel charges to help pay for coaches' travel costs that are split amongst all team members who attend that meet.



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