Lobo Parent Information

  1. What are my basic responsibilities as a Lobo swim parent?
  2. How do I sign my swimmer up for a meet?
  3. How can I be more involved in Lobo?
  4. How can I save money on meet fees?
  5. How can I become a USA Swim Official?
  6. What can I expect at swim meets?
  7. What should I bring to swim meets?
  8. What are the volunteer requirements for each family?
  9. What are the fundraising requirements for each family?
  10. Tell me about coach etiquette.
  11. Are there social activities for the team?
  12. What is a Team Travel Meet?
  13. What forms need to be signed for out of town meets?
  14. My swimmer wants to swim Sundance in the summer. What needs to happen?
  15. How does a swimmer from another club team switch to Lobo?
  16. How does a swimmer switch out of Lobo or resign?
  17. I have more questions. Who can I ask?

As a Lobo swim parent, please do the following to ensure your swimmer's active status in the club:

  • Complete the online registration and automatic billing information within one week of trying out Lobo. If you are a returning family, please register as soon as your child begins practice.
  • Login and keep your information current.
  • Sign up for your volunteer commitment online promptly. Should you sign up and are unable to fulfill your job, please find a substitute volunteer. Lobo Volunteer Agreement (PDF)

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Sign up for a meet
You can sign your swimmer up for meets from the Swim Lobo Home page. Sign in and then click on the Meet Entries button. You'll see a button next to the meet you wish to enter that says 'Attend Meet' or 'Edit Commitment'. When you click on this, you'll see your swimmer's name. Click on their name and select the events they'd like to swim. Be SURE to click on the 'Save Changes' button at the bottom of the page when you have finished making your selections.

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Be Involved
You are welcome to be on the Lobo Board. Positions are filled in late August/early September as we begin the Short Course season. Check with the President to see if there are openings at other times in the year. You may also become a Meet Official. There are always opportunities to help out with the two meets we host, as well. One is in June and the other in November.

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Save Money
Every team is expected to provide some Meet Officials. If you become an official, Lobo will pay your swimmer's meet entry fees for meets you officiate at. Lobo also reimburses you for your USA Swim registration and some other fees associated with becoming an official. Plus you get to eat for free at the meets and get a front row seat to the races! Click here to inquire about becoming an official for Lobo.

Become a USA Swim Official
The fees associated with becoming a certified USA Swim Official are paid for by Lobo Aquatic Club. We currently have officials who are training all the way up to having collegiate and national officiating experience! This document explains the procedures for becoming a swim official.

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What to Expect at Swim Meets
Be sure to read the swim meet information sheet to find out what the meet format is and what the venue is like. Some pools are outside; many are inside. Indoor pools can be quite warm, even in the winter.
Meets have different formats. Some require meeting qualifying times to be able to swim; some have separate sessions for different age groups; others are prelims/finals format, such as at a championship meet. During these meets, swimmers will race in the morning during prelims and the top 8 or 16 will swim again in the afternoon or evening during the finals session. For longer races, like the mile, you are usually expected to time and provide a 'counter' for your swimmer.
There may be concessions and swim gear for sale or just water and snacks.
Heat sheets are for sale and help you and your swimmer keep track of what events, heats, and lanes they are assigned to swim. The coach also has a heat sheet and swimmers should always check with the coach in case last minute changes to lane assignments have occurred.
Swim meets start with warm-ups, usually an hour before the start of the meet. Some meet formats have different sessions for younger and older swimmers. Check the meet information sheet to see what time to arrive. Ask your coach about how long the meet might last, but plan to spend at least a couple hours at a smaller meet.
Listen for the announcer in case they are calling for timers. It's a great way to see the meet up close and learn more about swimming as you help out the team.
What to Bring to Swim Meets
Depending on the venue, you may be able to bring folding chairs and coolers for food and beverages. Please bring only plastic containers. Glass is never allowed on a pool deck. If the venue has cement seats, you might find a cushion or blanket comfortable to sit on. For outside meets you may want an umbrella or shade structure.
Your swimmer may want to bring books or a game to play while waiting for their event. They'll want at least one or two towels and some warmer clothing to wear between events. You may want a highlighter to mark the heat sheet with your swimmer's events.
Cameras are welcome and we appreciate it if you share your group photos for use in the Lobo Photo Gallery. Please don't use the flash on your camera, especially as the swimmers are on the blocks ready to begin.
Volunteer Requirements
Lobo hosts two meets each year, one Short Course meet in November and one Long Course meet in June. Each family is expected to fill volunteer positions at these meets. Positions range from selling programs, organizing awards, being a safety marshal, to running the computer and clock. There are many types of jobs and each comes with training as needed.
The hospitality Lobo provides at meets is noteworthy and your help is needed for that, too. We ask each family to provide two or more refreshments from a list for the meet or to pick up food donations from local vendors. There are also opportunities to tend the hospitality area during meets. Lobo Volunteer Agreement 2011 (PDF)
Fundraising Requirements
The two meets we host during the year are how Lobo raises money to pay coaches, rent the pool space and other fees associated with running a swim club. As such, volunteering at meets is what we ask in lieu of fundraising. However, if you have an idea for a team fundraiser, please discuss that with the president. We have had people write grants for team apparel or to help fund team travel, for example. If you have an interest and/or skill in this area, we welcome your ideas and help.
Coach Etiquette
Parents may observe practices from the bleachers at the UNM pool. Please refrain from talking to your swimmer or the coach during practice unless there is an emergency. The coach and swimmers need to stay focused on their work. Coaches are busy ensuring the safety of your swimmer and maintaining an effective workout session. If you have a question or concern, please ask after practice or send an email to your coach.

Social Activities
There are several social activities throughout the year for swimmers. We begin the Short Course season with a team potluck at the pool. Other activities range from end of season banquets, picnics, hikes, baseball games, tie dye parties, amusement park outings, and team dinners.

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Team Travel Meet
The team travel meet usually happens in the summer and everyone is encouraged to attend the selected out of town meet. In recent years, Lobo has gone to the FAST Long Course meet in Fort Collins, Colorado. After the meet, the team spends a day doing a fun activity like going to a Elitch Gardens Amusement Park in Denver. A couple years ago four Chinese National Swimmers joined us for the trip, making it an extra-memorable trip! To ensure a safe trip for all, please review the Lobo Travel Policy.

Out of Town Meets
Swimmers may choose to attend meets out of town, either in-state or out-of-state. Out of state meets might include major competitions like Zones, Sectionals or Nationals that swimmers might qualify for. If athletes travel without parents to in-state meets or any out of state meet with or without parents, they must sign both the Code of Conduct and Medical Release forms.

If your swimmer chooses to swim with a Sundance team in the summer, they must resign from Lobo at the end of the Short Course Season. They must not attend any swim practices with a club team after the season has ended. Please provide Lobo Aquatic Club 30 days notice prior to resigning so you are not billed for additional time.
Switch to Lobo from another Team
Welcome to Lobo! If you are coming from another team and your USA Swim Membership is current, you will need to fill out a USA transfer form and pay $10.  You will also pay a one-time registration fee of $50 to Lobo Aquatic Club and complete the registration packet. You will be swimming at meets as an 'unattached' swimmer for 120 days, however you may practice and swim with Lobo during that time.
How to Resign from Lobo
If you decide to resign from Lobo Aquatic Club, please provide 30 days notice in writing to the Registrar ([email protected]) and to the coach to avoid being billed after you leave. Outstanding fees such as meet fees or back dues must be paid before leaving.
More Questions
Please email us if you have further questions. You may also talk to your coach or a board member.