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About Lobo Masters

Lobo  Masters Swimming is an adult swim team recognized by United States Masters Swimming that trains at the University of New Mexico's newly renovated Olympic Pool (2009). The program is geared towards providing professional coaching for year-round swimmers ranging from fitness to competition levels.

Lobo Masters has been around for almost 30 years with approximately 100 swimmers ranging from 20 to 77 years of age. We welcome new swimmers who are just beginning to enjoy the sport as our team continues to grow along with many veteran swimmers from Universities all over the country. The team consists of 3 different training groups:

Fitness Swimmers:  Adults who love to swim on a regular basis and are interested in the health benefits swimming provides.

Triathletes:  Competitive triathletes interested in improving their distance swimming abilities with a primary focus on the freestyle stroke.

Competition/Open Water:  Competitive swimmers that compete nationally and internationally at Masters Competitions and Open Water competitions.



Masters Schedule

Practice is 6 days per week in the UNM Olympic Pool

Monday - Friday

5:30 to 6:30 am


7:00 to 8:00 am

Park in the lot west of the pool & walk in through the south entrance up the stairs



Masters Fees


$49 Annual United States Masters Swimming Member Fee (required)

$52 per month (or $196/trimester (9/1, 1/1, 5/1 only), $564/yr or $65 for a 10 workout punchcard)

We welcome you to try our program for 1 week free.

If you decide to join, you will provide payment information directly to the Master's Coach, along with the appropriate forms. We are currently not accepting online payment for the Master's group.


Email us for inquiries about Masters.



Masters Coach

Bobby Goldie has been our Masters coach since 1995. He swam for the University of New Mexico in the early 90's under Bill Spahn and during his time there swam with then world record holder, Tom Jager for 4 years. Bobby’s coaching style is a hybrid which he developed between his own years of swimming, the acclaimed “Total Immersion” techniques primarily for efficiency and body positioning, and the mechanical/physiological techniques learned during 5 years total with Jager. He coaches swimmers of all abilities ranging from fitness training, triathlon training (Jay Benson, Milkman, Spring Fling, Xterra, Storrie Lake, etc.), and elite training (the English Channel, Escape from Alcatraz, Manhattan Island, Maui Chanel, Gatorman, etc). He is committed to helping each swimmer achieve their personal goals whether it be as simple as swimming 3 times a week for health or conquering a 12+ hour swim in 60 degree water!