About the Master's Program

Lobo Masters consists of 3 different training groups:

  1. [1] Fitness Swimmers: Adults who love to swim on a regular basis and are interested in the health benefits swimming provides.
  2. [2] Triathletes: Competitive triathletes interested in improving their distance swimming abilities with a primary focus on freestyle.
  3. [3] Competition/Open Water: Competitive swimmers that compete nationally and internationally at Masters Competitions and Open Water (lake/ocean) competitions.


Where:            UNM Olympic Pool

When:             Mon - Fri         5:30am - 6:30 am

                        Sat                  7:00am - 8:00 am

Cost:               $72 - Monthly (payable by debit or credit card only)

USMS:            $60 Annual United States Masters Swimming Member Fee (required)

                        Sign up online at: www.usms.org/reg/

                        (Note: use for Club Abbreviation/Workout Group: LOBO)


How to Apply

To apply, click here to download the form and email the completed form to Peter Brunson, Treasurer ([email protected]) or bring to the pool.


Masters Coaches:

Keegan Ingelido and Raine Gavino



The Olympic Pool is located on the east end of the UNM campus next to Johnson field off of Redondo drive.  Use the west gate to enter. The west gate is usually open 10-15 minutes before.

There are pay stations galore on the west side of the pool but they are not active until 7am M-F. Saturday appears to be free.

Showers and locker rooms available.

Everybody is required to wear a mask when indoors and not in the water. This includes trips to the bathroom.