Lobo Aquatics practices Monday through Saturday at the Johnson Natatorium. If you have any questions about specific age group times or want to have an assessment to join the team, please contact Coach Trainor for more information. [email protected]

Parking at UNM: the parking garage at UNM is available by hour. If parking 1-2x a week that is the most economical option. If parking 3+ times a week, it is less expensive to purchase the UNM South lot pass Parking & Transportation Services | The University of New Mexico (unm.edu)which allows parking in A LOT spots near and around pool beginning at 3:45pm Mon-Fri and all-day Saturday and Sunday. Free, off-campus street parking can be found as well. (no unreserved parking at the health center).

Entry to Pool: Please enter the pool area through the WEST gate. It should be a black gate just east of the health center parking lot.





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