November/December Newsletter

Jeremiah Stanton

Team Newsletter

Volume 5, Issue 11


Adaptation is the key to survival.

We had an amazing October and first part of November.  Our team at both sites are growing and getting faster!  It has been very fun to watch!  

Thank you to all parents and swimmers who participated in our meet at the beginning of the month!  It was the largest New Mexico has seen in a long time. 

Special thank you to our team parents who put in extra time to make sure things were organized before, during, and after the meet.  Lori Paul, Amy Bonnett, Autumn McCarthy, Alysha Chavez-Rodriguez, and Mistie Williamson.  

This coming December we will have a "Future/ Masters" Fun Meet for our beginner swimmers and our Masters swimmers.  It will be 25s, 50s, and 100s.  We will have doughnuts and bagels after!  
Upcoming Events 
(Please Make Sure You Look at Meet Info or Talk to Your Coach to See if Its The Right Meet For Your Swimmer)

Rio No Practice Dates: 
  • 25, 26, 27 for Thanksgiving
  • Dec 23, 24 for Christmas
UNM No Practice Dates:
  • 19, 20 due to coaches being at swim meets
  • 25 for Thanksgiving
  • 26th practice will be @ 8am-10am
  • Dec 23, 24 for Christmas
19th - High Desert Classic
  • This is a fast meet with fast qualifying times.  Good luck to our swimmers entered in this meet!
Dec 4th - Future Master's Fun Meet
  • at UNM from 10am-12pm
Dec 11th - NM Age Group Championships
  • This is a mid season championship meet for our 14 and unders.  Good luck to our swimmers that qualified for this meet!
Dec 16th - KMSC Pro-Am Classic
  • This is a very unique/fun meet to have our swimmers be able to go to.  We will be able to compete against some of the nations top professional swimmers. Qualifying Time standards do apply.  
Dec 20th-31st - HOWL Week
  • Our annual winter break training challenge begins for our Black and Senior Groups!  More details on practice times, dates, locations to come


Learning Centers
GT Sports
  • Get all your swim gear, custom apparel, goggles, bags, and  swimsuits.  All swim gear is 20-60% off MSRP!  
  •   Our Team Swag can be found here @  

GoTime Fitness
  • LOBO is partnered up with this gym to help our swimmers get sport specific dryland training
  • LOBO Families get a discount for gym memberships
  • Click here for more info
  • Follow them @ GoTime Fit for daily health tips and challenges.
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Swim Assist
Happy Birthday to our November/December Birthday Swimmers!
Robert Van Sweden
Celina Adame
Karan Hari
Mohammad Narindra
Alicia Garcia-Haynie
Giada Laughlin
Rylee Ortiz
Sarah Messex
Hollie Olguin
Samuel Zortman
Connor McCarthy
Tanner Brown
Isa Sullivan
Alicen McConnell
Devi Piper
Guha Hari
Bremin Espinosa
jackson Rice
Baileigh Hart Culpepper
Gracie Espinosa
Isabella Park
Chance Matthew
Justin Makemson
Ava Fredette
Emilio Padilla
Sushen Yellai
Santiago Thompson
Journey Allison
Connor Garcia
Juna Cimbal
Payson Miller
William McConnell
Grant Spaeth
Phoebe Davis

Training Yourself to "Enjoy the Dance"

by Dr. Alan Goldberg//Contributor

A number of years ago, at the beginning of her senior year in college, a swimmer contacted me with the following problem: She hadn't gone a lifetime best time since she was a senior in high school. Do the math, folks — she hadn't gone fast in almost four years! To make matters even more frustrating for her, she was physically stronger than she had ever been in high school and it showed in her college practice times where she'd consistently go faster than when she raced. 

Here's a guiding principle to help you understand what she'd been doing wrong mentally all these years: Your races are won and lost before the start! What does this really mean?

What you think about and focus on behind the blocks before your races will determine how nervous or calm your are, your level of confidence, how well you handle last-minute negative thoughts and doubts, and therefore, how well you'll eventually swim. 

Here's what she told me about her pre-race routine.

She's get behind the blocks 10 minutes before her races, cover her head with a towel so no one would bother her and then think about her race. First, she'd go over her race strategy and remind herself of all of the things that she needed to make sure she did in order to swim fast and all of the things that she shouldn't do. Next, she'd tell herself that she needed to have a fast swim because she hadn't gone fast since she was a senior in high school, and as a result, was letting her coaches and teammates down. She had been recruited as a butterfly swimmer with fast times and she wasn't living up to her potential. By the time she was finished with all of this thinking, she was a nervous wreck!

I then asked her what she used to do behind the blocks back in high school when she was swimming fast, like her “old self.” Her answer at first caused me to chuckle — she said, “Oh, I used to dance!”

When I reminded her that she was not at a dance and was instead behind the blocks pre-race, ready to compete, she said, “I had my ear buds in, I was listening to my favorite playlist and I was moving and grooving to the music! My teammates would be laughing at me. Their parents would be laughing and we were all having a grand old time! Then I'd get up on the blocks with no thoughts in my head and just swim fast!” 

So I said to her, “Let me get this straight: in high school you used to dance before all of your races and, as a result, you used to swim fast. But then you went to college and stopped dancing behind the blocks and instead started overthinking everything about your race and suddenly you started struggling performance wise, right?” To which she replied, “yes.” 

So then I said to her, “Let me ask you another question. Why on earth did you stop dancing when you got to college?” And her answer was stunning and highlighted the very common mistake that she and a lot of swimmers make before their big races! “I stopped dancing because I was now performing at a much higher level and this was way more serious than high school and club swimming!” 

Here's the thing that you need to keep in mind if you really want to be able to compete at a higher level: if you make a meet or race too serious or too important, then you will make yourself nervous, tighten up physically and consistently underperform! In order to swim fast when it counts the most you have to have fun first! You have to enjoy the dance, so to speak. When you're having fun you'll stay loose and relaxed and the secret to swimming fast is you have to be loose!

Keep in mind that people don't dance to get from the beginning of a song to the end, they don't dance to get from the left side of the dance floor to the right, they dance because it's a blast! They love the rhythm, the movement and the fun of it. As a swimmer, you need to learn to “enjoy the dance!” You need to embrace everything about the meet and your races: The challenge from faster swimmers; The uncertainty as to the outcome; The physical challenge of your specific event, etc. 

If you make this meet or race too serious, you will tighten up, get flooded with negative thoughts and doubts and then swim poorly. Seriousness is only for your commitment to your training and how hard you work in practice — seriousness does not have to belong on the deck with you and at the front of your mind when you're about to race. Go out there and have fun. 

New Team Records!!!
Event Record Holder(s) Date Set Time
Male 12-12 50 Back McCarthy, Ronan P 10/31/2021 30.51
Male 12-12 50 Fly McCarthy, Ronan P 10/30/2021 29.06
Male 12-12 50 Free McCarthy, Ronan P 10/31/2021 24.96
Male 12-12 100 Back McCarthy, Ronan P 11/07/2021 1:05.57
Male 12-12 100 Fly McCarthy, Ronan P 10/31/2021 1:06.45
Male 12-12 100 Free McCarthy, Ronan P 10/30/2021 53.13
Male 12-12 100 IM McCarthy, Ronan P 10/30/2021 1:04.82
Male 12-12 200 Free McCarthy, Ronan P 10/31/2021 1:58.23
Male 12-12 200 IM McCarthy, Ronan P 10/31/2021 2:22.33
Female 14-14 50 Br Williamson, Maya J 11/07/2021 45.34
Female 11-11 25 Fly Ortiz, Rylee R 11/06/2021 19.05
Congrats Top 8 Finishers at Meets!

Charger Decathlon
Journey Allison 5th 50Br, 1st 50Bk, 8th 100Bk
Dylan Bonnett 3rd 100Br
Maya Bonnett 5th 50Br, 7th 100Br
Ariana Chavez 6th 100Fr
Liliana Chavez 4th 100Br, 5th 100IM
Chance Matthew 7th 100IM, 7th 100Fr
Jude Matthew 7th 100Fr, 8th 100IM
Ronan McCarthy 1st 50bk, 1st 50br, 1st 200IM, 1st 50fly, 1st 50fr, 1st 100Bk, 1st 100Fr
Owen Sinkus 7th 100Fr

Elias Alarcon 3rd 25Br, 4th 25Bk, 6th 25Fr
Chloe Bagley 3rd 25Br, 6th 100IM, 8th 100Fr
Maya Bonnett 3rd 50Br
Teague Brown 5th 100Br, 2nd 50Br
Ariana Chavez 1st 50Bk, 3rd 50Br, 4th 100Bk, 3rd 50 Fly, 4th 100 Fly

Jonathan Constable 5th 50Fly, 7th 100Fr
Declan Cimbal 5th 25Fr, 5th 100IM
Michael Dryga 5th 100IM
Gracie Espinosa 5th 100Fr, 6th 50Fr
Lucas Espinosa 8th 200Br, 6th 100Bk
Guha Hari 1st 25Fly
Karan Hari 8th 50Fly
Savannah Jones 8th 50Bk
Serlha Kundeling 4th 100Bk, 8th 200Bk
Ronan McCarthy 1st 100Fr, 1st 50Fr, 1st 100IM, 1st 25Fr, 1st 200IM, 1st 100Bk
Jason McDonald 4th 100IM
Trenton McDonald 5th 100Fr
Mark McLaughlin 1st 25Fr, 4th 100Fr, 8th 50Fr
Payson Miller 7th 25Bk
Gabriel Montano 5th 50Bk
Rylee Ortiz 1st 25Fly
Ben Paul 6th 50Fly
Nate Paul 3rd 100IM, 3rd 50Bk, 5th 50Br
Kostyn Perry 5th 50Bk
Rylee Press 4th 25Bk
Ryan Reza 3rd 25Bk
Carson Rice 3rd 50Fly, 3rd 100IM, 8th 100Fr
Jacob Rice 4th 100IM, 5th 50Fly
Dani Ruiz 7th 50Br
Owen Sinkus 2nd 100Fr, 6th 50Fr
Carter Wolfe 4th 50Fly, 5th 50Bk
Samuel Zortman 6th 50Bk