The mission of Santa Fe Aquatics is to promote a life-long love of swimming in swimmers of all ages and abilities by providing a safe, healthy and positive environment for our athletes. This will be achieved through a comprehensive training program that addresses the physical, mental, nutritional, and technical dimensions of the sport to support team and individual goals.

WE DID IT! We have received Safe Sport Recognized club status through @usaswimming. Thank you to our athletes, parents, and coaches who helped us with this amazing accomplishment! We are the only swim team in New Mexico that has been awarded this distinction. We are COMMITTED to providing a healthy, and positive environment free from abuse for everyone on our team.

Monthly dues payment procedure

Once registered with the team, swimmers pay for our services on a monthly basis through their Team Unify account.

  • Members will pay dues monthly to the SFA on the first of the month. Late fees may be assessed or dues not paid by the 15 th on time. Members can appeal charges to the Board. Fee disputes will be reviewed and a decision made within 30 days, at which time the member will be notified.
  • The GCCC & Fort Marcy pools and coaching costs are prorated over 12 months of the year. Pool lanes are reserved in advance based on all of our swimmers' schedules. This allows us to keep our monthly fees as low as possible.
  • Our swim year has two seasons, ‘short-course’ and ‘long-course’. This follows the format of the swim meets that are offered at certain times of the year. The Short Course (25 yd) Season runs approximately August through March, and the Long Course (50 m) Season runs April through July. Seasons include summer and/or vacation times and December holidays. There is a one week break in March following the conclusion of the Short Course Season. Generally concurrent with the public school’s Spring Break. Fees during the month of August will be pro-rated for two weeks due to the Club’s annual two-week break at that time. All other holiday closures are considered covered by the monthly pro-ration.
  • Members are expected to pay the full amount of their monthly dues each month, regardless of their ability to attend all their scheduled practices. Fractions of a month will not be pro-rated.6)A swimmer that signs up for a season is expected to pay for each month of the season. Special circumstances may be considered with advance one month notice to the coach. i.e. a planned extended summer absence, or during periods of injury or illness when a Drs. note is provided. Once a member’s account has been placed on suspension no monthly dues will be collected and the member will not be able to swim during this time.


Current pricing structure

Monthly dues will be determined by the swim group to which the member is assigned as this determines how many and how long the practices are. Please contact us if you would like an estimate of costs.