The mission of Charger Aquatics Santa Fe is to promote a life-long love of swimming in swimmers of all ages and abilities by providing a safe, healthy and positive environment for our athletes. This will be achieved through a comprehensive training program that addresses the physical, mental, nutritional, and technical dimensions of the sport to support team and individual goals.

WE HAVE OPENINGS! We currently have space in our Junior swim group. If you have a youth swimmer that can swim the length of the pool and is interested in being part of a fun team expoerience contact us for a free try-out.

How to join Charger Aquatics Santa Fe

Membership to Charger Aquatics Santa Fe will be granted once a minimum level of swimming ability is confirmed by our coaching staff and a swimmer is accepted onto the team. Membership may be limited based on the number of swimmers that can be safely accommodated in the pool during Club workouts. If you are interested in joining the team then please contact us to schedule a free try-out. At this time your swimmers' ability will be assessed to determine the best placement option for them. Once you have discussed group placement with the coach you can register for the team.


Membership Dues

Members pay monthly dues that cover the cost of facility entry, lane rental, and coaching.


Club Registration

To join Charger Aquatics Santa Fe ALL swimmers must be registered with our club through the TeamUnify website and the club’s annual registration and administrative fees must be paid for each swim team member. This fee covers costs associated with maintaining our registration and communication system and the portal used to sign swimmers up for swim meets.




USA Swimming Registration

USA-Swimming provides insurance coverage for all individual youth swimmers and liability insurance for the Club. For the Clubs insurance to be in effect, all youth athletes participating in our practices must be current USA Swimming athlete members in good standing. As such, in addition to the Clubs annual registration fee,  every youth swimmer must also have a current registration with USA swimming.