The mission of Charger Aquatics Santa Fe is to promote a life-long love of swimming in swimmers of all ages and abilities by providing a safe, healthy and positive environment for our athletes. This will be achieved through a comprehensive training program that addresses the physical, mental, nutritional, and technical dimensions of the sport to support team and individual goals.

BIG NEWS! We are excited to announce that Santa Fe Aquatics is merging with Charger Aquatics! This means that while retaining our 'small-town' feel here in Santa Fe, we will be able to offer our swimmers 'big-town' opportunities.

Philosophy of Competition

In preparing for your swimmer’s meets, the following are some basic fundamental of competition that our coaches stress:

  1. Each swimmer should compete with him/herself. It is more beneficial to improve one’s time and/or technique than to win a ribbon or medal.

  2. In addition to earning best times, the coaches praise for working on technique and/or race strategies. Please note that it is possible that a swimmer won’t improve his/her time when he/she tries something new (e.g. flip turns, technique, etc.). However, if a swimmer continues to try a new skill or technique, he/she will improve in the long run.

  3. The swimmers are taught to set realistic goals, and as they get older, they are taught to relate performance in practice to their goal times.

  4. The coaching staff encourages age-group swimmers to swim every event they are eligible for. This helps to promote versatility since swimmers are continuously switching best events as they grow, mature, and change body shapes and sizes.

  5. Sportsmanship is a MUST for everyone. We expect all swimmers, parents, and coaches to respect the officials, competitors, and the facilities we use. We also want swimmers to encourage and support their teammates.

  6. It is important that each swimmer has a copy of his/her times. Keeping these times in a logbook helps the swimmer to see the progress he/she has made throughout the season and also from year to year.

  7. SUCCESS = Improving one’s own, best self.