The mission of Santa Fe Aquatics is to promote a life-long love of swimming in swimmers of all ages and abilities by providing a safe, healthy and positive environment for our athletes. This will be achieved through a comprehensive training program that addresses the physical, mental, nutritional, and technical dimensions of the sport to support team and individual goals.

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White and Red Groups

The White and Red groups are the first and second phases of the age group program. Swimmers who move into these programs must be able to swim all four strokes and maintain good technique in low-intensity interval work. The emphasis begins to change from primarily teaching to an equal balance of technique work and physiological development.

  1. The focus is still centered on teaching fundamentals and developing a strong foundation in all four strokes.

  2. The number of practices per week offered at this level increases from 3 to 5 workouts per week and swimmers are encouraged to attend as many practices as possible but no fewer than 3 per week.

  3. Athletes begin to do more mileage weekly with an emphasis on low-intensity aerobic conditioning. Fundamental skills that were learned in the first phase of training will be strongly reinforced as swimmers begin to swim farther in practice.

  4. The emphasis on an IM-based program will be strongly reinforced as swimmers start to participate in longer distance events including the 500 Free/200 IM and 400 IM.

  5. Stretching and calisthenics are incorporated in the overall program during this phase.

  6. We believe in making this program fun and enjoyable through a unique and creative coaching approach.