The mission of Santa Fe Aquatics is to promote a life-long love of swimming in swimmers of all ages and abilities by providing a safe, healthy and positive environment for our athletes. This will be achieved through a comprehensive training program that addresses the physical, mental, nutritional, and technical dimensions of the sport to support team and individual goals.

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Black Group

For swimmers joining the Black group, the quantity and intensity of the training program increases. For the first time, the program structure calls for more time devoted to physiological conditioning than to teaching fundamentals.

  1. In this phase, the mileage completed each week begins to be an important consideration. We want to take advantage of the pre-pubescent window of opportunity to more fully develop aerobic capacity.

  2. Although low intensity aerobic conditioning is still the highest priority, we have athletes begin to do more anaerobic threshold work. It is critical that technique is not compromised as swimmers swim faster in practice a greater percentage of the time.

  3. The training program focuses on the middle distance freestyle and middle distance IM.

  4. The training program is designed to emphasize and promote long course swimming throughout the year.

  5. Swimmers are encouraged to attend all scheduled workouts. Swimmers will be swimming 6 to 7 workouts per week . This group is given the opportunity to swim two-a-day practice during the summer season.

  6. Careful attention is given to maintaining aerobic fitness levels from one season to the next. Breaks between seasons are limited to avoid significant deterioration of aerobic fitness.

  7. Dry land training is introduced with the emphasis primarily being on the development of core body conditioning and teaching swimmers how to lift weights.