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The Las Cruces Aquatic Team (LCAT) is a year-round swimming program affiliated with USA Swimming, the governing body of competitive swimming in the United States. LCAT attempts to give children of all ages and abilities the skills required to succeed in competitive swimming. Many of the current LCAT swimmers not only have LCAT club records, but several New Mexico State records as well.

LCAT has a proud history in the sport of swimming. In recent years, LCAT won the Long Course State Championship in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006 and Short Course State Championship in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2009. 


from these beginnings………………

The Las Cruces Aquatic Club was officially organized as the Las Cruces Swim Club in May 1965. Bylaws and a budget were approved by a group of parents at a meeting at the Unitarian Church, and Jack Soules was elected its first president. . Richard Skaggs, a member of the first NMSU swim team, was chosen as the first coach, and about 12 children began training at 7:30 AM, Monday, June14, 1965 at Apodaca Pool. By the end of the summer, about 25 children were active in the program.

The following summer, 1966, the group was coached by John Tawes and Robert Southwick and participated in numerous AAU meets throughout the state. Jack Welch, who was Assistant Professor of Physical Education at New Mexico State University, supervised the coaching staff and coached the team on Saturdays throughout the winter at the NMSU indoor pool.

By the summer of 1967, only 2 years after its inception, the Las Cruces Swim Club had changed its name to the New Mexico Aquatic Club, and affiliated with the national Amateurs Athletic Union (AAU) Over 80 children were actively participating in competitive swimming and diving in the Las Cruces area. Dave Stacey, Assistant Professor of Physical Education at New Mexico State University, became the coach of the club, and instigated a year round rigorous daily training program at the New Mexico State University natatorium. The New Mexico swimming world began to take notice!

Over 100 swimmers were swimming in the summer of 1968, and they were bringing state recognition to Las Cruces. David Soules, competing in his last meet as a 10-year-old, scored a grand slam in the New Mexico state swimming championships in Albuquerque, winning all 6 events in which he was entered, and setting 3 new state records in the sweep. Bob Frank won the men’s open 100 meter breaststroke, setting a new state record, and making him the New Mexico High School state champion in that event. Several NMAC relay teams received blue ribbons. Phil DeJang, accompanied by younger brothers Lincoln and Doug, began collecting gold medals in his remarkable career as a championship swimmer And Bill Soules, coached by Jack Sanders, was the only NMAC diver for several years, but consistently brought in blue ribbons and points for the team. Membership fees were $10/month/swimmer!

The New Mexico Aquatic Boosters Club, Inc. was organized in 1968, with Barbara Phillips as its first president. This association of adults, interested in encouraging water sports in the Las Cruces community, provided facilities and assistance to swimmers of the New Mexico Aquatic Club. Membership fees were $5 per year and, and members served as judges and timers and other meet officials.

Twelve years later, in 1980, New Mexico Aquatic Club changed its name to Las Cruces Aquatic Team (LCAT).

Now, 40 years later, the Las Cruces Aquatic Team continues that glorious tradition of bringing a strong competitive swimming force to the Las Cruces scene. CONGRATULATIONS!

Shirley Dundon 2008 


  The Las Cruces Aquatic Team (LCAT) is a year round swimming program and a member of USA Swimming, the governing body of competitive swimming in the United States. LCAT is a private, non-profit organization made up of over 100 swimmers and operated by a Board of Directors. The professional coaching staff uses a progressive age group program designed to develop the swimmer’s potential and character. During practice the swimmers are instructed on proper start, stroke, and turn techniques along with conditioning. LCAT is committed to providing a positive and healthy experience for competitive swimmers and their families and welcomes all interested swimmers regardless of their ability.


  The Las Cruces Aquatic Team, as a member of the New Mexico LSC of United States Swimming, compete in many New Mexico and Texas swim meets during both Short and Long Course seasons. We also host two New Mexico calendar meets (one in each LC an SC seasons). Qualified swimmers may participate in the New Mexico Championship as well as in US Swimming Zone and National Championship meets.