Duel of the Pools 2021
Battle of the BEASTS
OCT 29
Time: 4:00 PM
BHQ (Belen/Lochness/Elite/Masters) and BPP at Sandia High School (Snork/PreQual/CAG)
Brandi Nolen Email
What a BEAST of a team we have! We bought a pool, created a new team, and are now growing this awesome program. We continue to chase our goal of becoming the preeminent club in New Mexico by developing strong athletes both in and out of the pool. Since BEAST's formation in May 2021, we have become the first and ONLY USA swim team in New Mexico to operate from our own privately owned facility. This means that our program can truly prioritize our athletes by providing access to our own facility with ideal practice times and a highly experienced coaching staff.

Now we have a BEAST of a challenge.

While our BEAST Headquarters (BHQ) pool is looking great with new lane lines and pool towers, your swimmer will tell you that we need new blocks. The old blocks that came with the pool got us through the summer.....but we're hoping to upgrade!

This year, our main goal for DUEL OF THE POOLS....

Raise $40,000 to purchase (9) beautiful new blocks!

These blocks will include the wedge attachment for starts. With these new blocks, our athletes can practice with the same equipment they'll likely see during competition.

Other wish list items from the coaches include two more pace clocks for BHQ as well as jump ropes and dryland mats for our BPP (Sandia) facility.

With a team of over 300 swimmers, we are hoping that each swimmer can raise at least $200 to help us reach our team goal. ALL our fundraising money goes directly to equipment for our athletes.
Top Roster (amount)
$4,725.00 Coaches
$3,255.00 Elite
$2,730.00 Snork Stroke Lab
$2,240.00 Crocosaur Competitive Age-Group (CAG)
$1,730.00 Piranaconda PreQual 5