MAKO Is Becoming LOBO Aquatics Club!

Jeremiah Stanton



MAKO will now become a part of LOBO Aquatics Club.  We will have 2 sites.  One in Rio Rancho and one at UNM.  Coach Jeremiah will become the head coach of both sites.  He will be coaching primarily at UNM but will coach come practices at Rio Rancho as well.  Aspen Poole will be the Senior Coach for the Rio Rancho Site.  

What Stays The Same?

• Almost everything!  Practices, culture, training, pricing and times will still remain the way they are.


What Changes?

There are not many changes.  The main changes are that Coach Jeremiah will now be at UNM and Aspen Poole will be the Senior Coach.  We will also have a logo and team name change.


What are the Benefits?

  • We will be able to have long course practices for our senior groups to help prepare them for long course championships.
  • We will be able to have swim clinics with the UNM Swim Team
  • We will eventually be able to compete for top places at State
  • We will be able to travel as a large/competitive team to out of town meets
  • We will be able to host swim meets at UNM
  • We will be able to have options in the event of a pool closure
  1. Will we have to swim unattached?
    • yes,  swimmers will be unattached until they reach 120 days from their last competition
  2. Does being unattached hinder my swimmer?
    • No, the only restriction is that unattached swimmers will not be able to accumulate points for the team until they attach
  3. Are both sites equal?
    • Yes, both sites are a part of LOBO.  There is no satellite team.  Coach Jeremiah is heavily invested in the continued growth and development of our Rio Rancho Site and swimmers.
  4. Can we change the team color?
    • We will definitely try to do that.
  5. Will the training be different at each site?
    • No, the training for the senior groups at both sites will be created by Coach Jeremiah
  6. When will Coach Jeremiah begin coaching at UNM?
    • His first day at UNM will be October 11th
  7. Will we need a new team suit?
    • We will not have a set team suit until next August.  
    • We will have new team gear loaded to the team store shortly.