November Newsletter

Jeremiah Stanton
Nov 1, 2018

Team Newsletter

Volume 2, Issue 11

"You don't lead by pointing and telling people someplace to go. You lead by going to that place and making a case."
~Ken Kesey, American Novelist

What a great October!  Thank you to all parents that helped out at our team hosted swim meet.  With out you're help we can not host meets.  That was the largest our Sprint Series has ever been!  We had great feed back from the other teams about how well run our meet was.  This November we have some travel meets.  We are looking forward to taking our speed on the road! 

With the cold and flu season in full swing, please try to keep yourselves and your family healthy.  You can follow @GoTimeFit on social media for daily wellness, nutrition, and exercise tips. 
REMINDER:  When signing up for events...If you see a time that is red; they do not meet the reqs established by the meet director.  After you sign up, periodically check your entries to see if they were approved or stopped.  

3rd BREAKOUT Swim Clinic @ West Mesa
  • We are excited to offer a BreakOUT Swim Clinic with olympian Jason Lezak
    on November 3rd!  The clinic will cost $65/swimmer to attend!  This is a great opportunity to work in the water with an olympian, ask questions, get an autograph and take a photo!  This clinic will be great for swimmers of all ages and abilities ages 6&up.  We hope all of our swimmers will be able to attend!!
 10th B League #2
  • This is a perfect meet for new swimmers and swimmers who are looking to try to get a state qualifying time in an event.
13th Mini Meet
  • This will be the first of our mini meets for our novice swimmers.  More info will be sent out soon.
16th-18th  High Desert Classic
  • This a fast Prelims/Finals swim meet with fairly fast qualifying time standards. 
20th Bowling
  • Our team outing for the month will be bowling.  More info will be sent out soon.
29th-2nd Holiday Swim Festival
  • This is another fast Prelims/Finals swim meet with fairly fast qualifying time standards.  This is in Arizona.

Learning Centers
GoTime Fitness
  • MAKO is partnered up with this gym to help our swimmers get sport specific dryland training
  • MAKO Families get a discount for gym memberships
  • Click here for more info
  • Follow them @ GoTime Fit for daily health tips and challenges.

Social Media
MAKO Masters
Swim Apps to keep you connected to the Team
  •  Check out these apps that are designed to help you find the info you need right on your phone or tablet! 
Swim Assist
The Brain-Changing Benefits of Exercise
By Wendy Suzuki, Neuroscientist, TedTalk, 2017

What's the most transformative thing that you can do for your brain today? Exercise! says neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki. Get inspired to go to the gym as Suzuki discusses the science of how working out boosts your mood and memory -- and protects your brain against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.
Listen to Podcast here:

The Biggest Mental Mistake Swimmers Make at Big Meets and How to Avoid It

By Dr. Alan Goldberg
We’ve reached the end of the long course season and you may be one of the many swimmers who finished their season feeling disappointed that you didn't produce the way you felt like you should have. You worked your butt off all season, consistently held some really fast times in practice and yet, when the pressure of that BIG meet was turned up high, your times were mediocre at best!

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Success Board
New Team Records!!!
Event Record Holder(s) Date Set Time
Male 17 & Over 50 Breast Meyer, Eli W 10/21/2018 29.39
Male 17 & Over 50 Fly Meyer, Eli W 10/20/2018 25.25
Male 17 & Over 100 Fly Meyer, Eli W 10/21/2018 57.98
Male 17 & Over 100 IM Meyer, Eli W 10/20/2018 57.40
Male 15 & Over 50 Fly Pazand, Camron K 10/20/2018 24.42
Male 15 & Over 100 IM Meyer, Eli W 10/20/2018 57.40
Female 13-14 50 Breast Espinosa, Gracie B 10/21/2018 35.70
Female 17 & Over 50 Fly Tscherne, Jazmine L 10/07/2018 28.45
Female 17 & Over 100 IM Tscherne, Jazmine L 10/06/2018 1:08.65
Female 15 & Over 50 Breast Southwell, Chelsey C 10/07/2018 35.21
Top 8 Finishers at Meets!!!

Charger Decathalon
Lauren McCarthy  7th 50 Fr
Kendal Southwell 3rd 100 Br, 6th 100IM, 6th 100 Fly, 3rd 50 Br, 7th 200IM
Jazzy Tscherne  4th 100 Bk, 4th 50 Bk, 6th 50 Fly

B League #1
Jake Ahylo 1st 50Bk, 1st 50Fly, 1st 100IM, 3rd 50Fr
Jonathan Constable 4th 50Bk
Michael Dryga 3rd 50Fly, 4th 100IM, 6th 50Bk, 7th 50Fr
Gracie Espinosa 1st 500Fr, 1st 100IM, 2nd 50Fly, 2nd 200Br
Lucas Espinosa 2nd 500Fr, 4th 50Fly, 5th 50Br
Ashley Mainella 4th 50Bk, 7th 50Fly
Claire McCarthy 3rd 50Fly
Lauren McCarthy 1st 50 Fr, 8th 50 Fly
Ronan McCarthy 1st 50 Fly, 3rd 200Fr, 5th 50 Fr, 7th 50 Bk
Jason McDonald 2nd 50Bk, 8th 50Fr
Trenton McDonald 6th 50 Br, 7th 200Br, 6th 50Fr
Jasselle Patnode 1st 50 Fly, 2nd 50 bk,2nd 100IM, 1st 200 Fr
Kylee Sells 5th 50Bk
Caleb Solis 5th 50 Br
Michael Youngblood 6th 100IM

MAKO Sprint Series
Leilani Ahyo 4th 25Fr
Maya Bonnett 4th 25Br
Claire McCarthy 8th 25 Fly
Serlha Kundeling 1st 50Bk, 5th 50 Fr, 3rd 50Br, 8th 100IM
Abbey Patnode 6th 50Br
Liliana Chavez 8th 50Br
Gracie Espinosa 5th 50Fr, 7th 100Fr
Jaselle Patnode 8th 50 Bk
Gracie Espinosa 3rd 50Br, 8th 200Br, 3rd 50 Fly, 3rd 100IM, 6th 100Fly, 7th 200IM
Avy Chavez-Rodruiguez 2nd 50Fly, 2nd 100Fly, 3rd 50Fr, 5th 100Fr, 5th 50Bk, 4th 200Bk
Jordyn Wemhoner 5th 100IM, 6th 50Fr, 5th 50Bk, 5th 200Bk
Izel Conejo 8th 50Bk, 6th 200Bk, 7th 200IM
Chelsea Southwell 4th 200Br, 8th 200Bk, 8th 100Fly, 6th 200IM
Ally Monroy 8th 100IM
Jazzy Tsherne 4th 50Fr, 3rd 100Fr, 2nd 200Bk
Bremin Espinosa 3rd 25 Fr, 2nd 50 Fr, 3rd 25Bk
Dylan Schluep 4th 25Fr
Ronan McCarthy 2nd 25Fly, 6th 50Fr, 5th 50 Fly
Cortland Flores  7th 25Bk
Richard Hall 7th 50Bk, 7th 50Br
Damien Tafoya 6th 25Br
Ben Paul 7th 200Fr, 6th 100IM
Jason McDonald 7th 50Bk
Trenton McDonald 7th 100Fr
Lucas Espinosa 8th 50Br
Michael Dryga  5th 100IM
Carson Rice 7th 100IM
Jake Ahyo 5th 50Fr, 8th 100Fly
Tony Sirignano 8th 50Fr, 6th 100Fly, 7th 100Fly
Dylan Bonnett 8th 50Br, 7th 200Br
Camron Pazand 1st 50 Fr, 4th 100Fr, 2nd 50fly, 1st 100Fly, 2nd 100IM
Trevor Lawson 3rd 50 Fr, 5th 100Fr, 4th 50Fly, 3rd 100Fly, 6th, 100Fr, 6th 100IM, 5th 200IM
Thomas McCarthy 4th 50Fr, 8th 100Fr, 5th 50 Br, 3rd 50Fly, 7th 100Fly
Phillip McLaughlin 6th 50Fr, 5th 200Bk, 7th 100IM, 7th 200IM
Kendal Southwell 1st 200Bk, 5th 200Fr, 3rd 200Br, 2nd 100fly, 1st 200IM
Brady Peters 3rd 50Fr, 6th 100Fr, 4th 50Br
Jeremiah Jenkins 7th 50Fr, 8th 100Fr
Eli Meyer 1st 50Bk, 4th 100 Fr, 2nd 200Bk, 2nd 50Br, 1st 200IM, 1st 50Fly, 2nd 100IM

DUKE Spooktacular
Liliana Chavez  4th 50Br
Gracie Espinosa 8th 50 Fly
Lucas Espinosa 3rd 50Br, 8th 50Fr
Trevor Lawson 1st 100Fr, 1st 50Bk, st 50Fr, 3rd 50 Fly
Delilah Marsh-Gates 7th 50Br
Connor McCarthy 3rd 50Fr
Lauren McCarthy 8th 50Bk
Thomas McCarthy 6th 100Fr, 2nd 50 Fly
Phillip McLaughlin 2nd 1650Fr, 5th 100Bk, 6th 500Fr, 6th 200IM
Thomas McLaughlin 2nd 50Fr, 2nd 200Fr, 4th 100Br
Victor Porta-Martinez 8th 1650Fr
Carson Rice 5th 50Br, 50th 50Fly
Mele Zevenbergen 8th 50Br

Happy Birthday to our Swimmers with October Birthdays!
Richard Hall
Michael Reichow
Sarah Messex
Connor McCarthy
Delilah Marsh-Gates