Team, Greetings from Italy!   I heard such great things about our swimming this past weekend.  While there were alot of time drops...the thing I loved hearing was how well our technique is improving.  Your coaches are so proud of the meet swimmers and all the hard work that everyone has been putting into practices.  It is starting to show as we begin racing.  Lets keep focusing on how great our technique is and how we can improve it.   See you in a week! Coach Jeremiah

Team, We are proud to announce our new team logo!  Thank you to Chris Rios for his diligent/quick/creative work!    He also has created a very cool shirt for us.  This won't be available until the short course season.  Everyone is more than welcome to wear the SRR and STAR gear if they'd like See you in the pool!   Coach Jeremiah

 Team, Reminder that this weekends kick off is from 10am-3pm at Hotel Cascada on Saturday Everyone must pay upon arrival.  Please do not drop entry fees in mail box at pool. See you there! Coach Jeremiah

Team, Here are the new practice times for each group starting April 1st.  Your Coaches will be letting you know which groups you/your swimmer will be swimming in very shortly.  Also we will not have morning practice this coming Friday March 28th. See you in the pool! Coach Jeremiah