Swim Meet information for Parents

Programs should always stress satisfaction and enjoyment, never records and awards.  Swimmers who are pressured to break records (whether it is a team, local or national) will not get full pleasure and enjoyment from his or her achievement.  Instead, he or she will feel the mental stress of being pressured.  This is an easy way for a swimmer to lose interest at an early age.

For younger swimmers, emphasis should be placed on proper stroke mechanics.  It is much easier to learn how to swim correctly at a young age that it is to correct bad habits years later.

Competition should not be pressured and self - improvement should be stressed.  Parents need to be very supportive of their child and the coach.  Try not to second guess the coach, but work on maintaining an open dialogue between you and the coach to learn more about what your child is doing and how you can help.

Finally, always remember that they are a child first, last and foremost.  Every child should leave each meet with a smile on their face wanting to come back to the next meet for more enjoyment.

Below you will find general swim meet information to make the first swim meet experience for your swimmer and yourself less overwhelming.