RAAC Parent Participation Policy

Roadrunners of Albuquerque Aquatic Club host 3-4 swim meets each year. In order to facilitate the operation of swim meets that we host and to keep the cost low for our swimmers, we have adopted a Family Participation Policy. The intent of the Family Participation Policy is to promote full participation by Roadrunner families as we assist our athletes and coaches as we build a great aquatic club.  While monthly dues you pay help cover the coaches’ salaries, the money generated from swim meets go to help cover other things like website hosting, bookkeeping fees i.e.  

For most Roadrunner families, the policy is simply a mechanism to document the volunteer service you have traditionally provided. In addition, the policy will make it easier for new families to join the #roadrunnerway of volunteer service.

All Roadrunners are expected to attend home hosted meets, that they are eligible for. Our goal is to have 100% volunteer participation, motivated by an appreciation of the #roadrunnerway. Due to the importance of successful meet hosting and to be fair to those who willfully volunteer, parents are expected to fulfill our parent participation policy requirements. Volunteers have the opportunity to choose their assignment/job or donation. If you are not able to volunteer your time working at a swim meet, sign up for food donation or purchase a gift card to help with the hospitality/concession items needed for the meet, there are other ways through our parent booster club activities you can patriciate in to earn points as well.

The number of swimmers from a family on the team and what group they swim in will determine the number of points each family is required to work or fee assessment due. ** Please note – all families will be capped at 12 points regardless of group or number of siblings on the team.

  • Senior group: 6 points accrued from Sept 1st 2022 – Aug. 31st 2023
  • Pre Senior & Gold groups: 8 points accrued from Sept 1st 2022 – Aug. 31st 2023
  • Silver group: 6 points accrued from Sept 1st 2022 – Aug. 31st 2023
  • Bronze group: 4 accrued from Sept. 1st 2022 – Aug. 31st 2023

At the conclusion of the Roadrunners fiscal year (Aug. 31st), if your point requirement wasn’t met, your account will be assessed the work commitment fee (1 point = $50).  For those families that elect not to participate, you can choose to be assessed a “buy out” fee of $500. This assessed “buyout” fee must be paid by the end of September.

Points are awarded as follows for completing a volunteer task for one (1) competition session.

  • Timing = 1 point  
  • Meet marshaling = 1 point
  • Results runner = 1 point
  • Hospitality = 1 point
  • Concessions and/or program sales = 1 point
  • Stroke and turn judge = 2 points
  • Starter = 3 points

If you can’t attend a Roadrunners hosted meet, donations are another way to earn points toward our participation policy.

  • Gift Cards $40 = 1 point  
  • Gift Cards $100 = 3 points
  • Donate swim meet program printing
    • Last chance Meet = 2 points
    • May Meet = 2 points
    • Roadrunners Summer Invite & Sprint Shoot Out = 4 points

*** Exception for NMS Championship Meets:

NM Swimming requires participating teams to provide workers in proportion to the number of swimmers entered in a meet each session. Families who have swimmers in these meets are expected to help cover the required positions. NO points are given for helping fill our NMS meet requirements. Your help is always appreciated!

For those parents who choose to be involved in the competition management side of swim meets. If you are willing to make an annual commitment, you can find the job and rewards for helping Roadrunners of Albuquerque Aquatic Club host the best possible meets in the state of New Mexico.

  • Meet Referee: All points and June dues waved (or a credit if paid bi-annually).
  • Administrative Officer (A.O.): All points and June dues waved (or a credit if paid bi-annually).
    • In-training: All points waved.
  • Console and/or computer operator: All points and June dues waved (or a credit if paid bi-annually).
    • In-training: All points waved

Friends & Fans Parent Booster Club:

Booster club participation is a two-year commitment. All parent participation policy points are waved for both years while serving on the board.

  • President
  • Vice – President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer/PPP point tracker
  • Member at large – Head Coach Matt Benedict

*** Families that are offered financial assistance MUST volunteer to work at all Roadrunners of Albuquerque Aquatic Club meets, a minimum of 1 job per session for the fiscal year, regardless if your swimmer takes a break from swimming.