Parent Viewing During Practice

We understand that many parents will sit and wait for their children to complete their practice due to driving distances, work or other family obligations.  Roadrunners ask’s that you do not interact with your swimmer or swimmer’s coach during workouts.

The coaching staff is dedicated to the success of your children.  Coaches create the environment in which your swimmers grow as athletes and individuals.  The Roadrunners athlete is a product of the Team values and beliefs.  Human nature, however, is such that we as parents sometimes lose the ability to remain detached and objective in matters concerning our children.  The following guidelines will help all of our Roadrunners parents keep the athlete’s development in perspective.

1. Every individual learns differently. 

2. It takes attention, effort and time to master the skills of proper stroke technique.  These new skill sets are the building blocks for later improvement.

3. Plateaus will occur in every swimmer’s career.  A plateau signifies the swimmer has mastered lower order skills, but they are not as of yet automatic to leave behind and focus one’s attention to newer, higher-order skills.

4. 10 & Under swimmers are the most inconsistent in skill acquirement and retention.  This can be frustrating for everyone involved.  We must be patient and permit these youngsters to develop a love for the sport.  

5. It is the coach’s job to offer both support & feedback of a swimmer’s performance daily.  It is a parent’s job to supply the unconditional love, recognition and encouragement necessary to help the young athlete feel good about themselves.

Roadrunners supports parent presence and wants to have complete transparency on the pool deck.  This is a service we offer and want it to be the best experience possible for your family.   The coaching staff does ask that you do not interact with your swimmer or the swimmer’s coach during the workout (if you need to speak with the coach, please contact your group coach or myself). The swimmer needs to develop a bond of trust and confidence with the coaches.  This is difficult if parent’s access to their athlete’s during practice is too close.

If you have questions about your child’s training, please contact your group coach or if you have team policy questions direct them to the head coach.  Please refrain from criticizing any coach in front of the swimmer as this undermines the coach and breaks the swimmer-coach trust necessary for maximum success.  It is for this reason that we ask parents not to actively participate in coaching their child. 

At any time you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Head Coach.  The Roadrunners coaching staff and Head Coach wish for our organization to be united and strong, free of the related problems that may arise from a lack of communication.