NOVA Team Uniform

Much like any professional sports team would take the field wearing their team uniform, the Novaquatics expects each of its athletes to be outfitted in its team outfit.

This includes, but is not limited to, SPEEDO brand team sweats, SPEEDO branded team competition suits, t-shirts, and NOVA caps.


Training Equipment

Training equipment is also very important to the training and development of our athletes. Non-ownership of the equipment designated by your coach offers a sever detriment to the training experience.  Please confer with your coach for the necessary equipment needed for your training group.

All swimming training supplies and apparel (except for parkas) can be purchased from our team supplier, Competitive Aquatic Supply.

Purchase all NOVA Gear here


Please contact CAS for all Parka orders

Meet Attire Guidelines

Please wear your Navy Speedo NOVA team suit to all meets.

Please wear your NOVA team shirt

  • NAVY on Saturday
  • WHITE on Sunday

At NOVA meets, please wear your NOVA cap.

At Dual Meets (Bronze/Developmental/NovaIntro swimmers) please wear your Dual Team cap.  If you are not swimming with your team, please wear a NOVA cap.



Speedo, the official deck apparel brand of Irvine Novaquatics