NOVA Swim Team Frequently Asked Questions


Information for Swim Team Parents

Questions & Answers

Where can my children learn to swim?

NOVA also offers swim lessons through the NOVA Swim School. For more information, please click here: NOVA Swim lessons

What is the schedule for your swim school classes?

NOVA swim school has many different programs and locations. For more information, please click here: Swim Lesson Schedules

What to Expect at your First Swim Meet

Make sure your athlete(s) go to the check in table FIRST before they do anything else. If they don't check in, they will not be able to compete. The people at the check in table will write each kids event numbers on their arm.

All parents need to bring a permanent marker (Sharpies). Upon arrival, coaches will provide a laminated Swim Meet Card for all swimmers. You will write their event numbers, along with the heat/lane assignments. The event number represents the actual event. The first event is event number 1 which is the 7-10 50 freestyle. There will be multiple races for each event and these are called "heats".

The heat and lane assignments will be posted about 10 minutes before the meet starts. These will be posted on a big board on the side of the pool closest to the lobby. Write the heat and lane assignments for your athlete(s) on the laminated card provided.

Please have your swimmer check in with their coach before each race. Each swimmer will give me their heat and lane assignment so I know where they are swimming. After their race, each swimmer needs to meet with the me again to talk about the race and how it can be improved for next time.

Parents are not allowed behind the blocks, or in the coaches area on the side of the pool.