The Novaquatics are known for its wide range of swimming development. From its introduction into

competitive swimming, to its nationally ranked statutes.  The Novaquatics offer levels of swimming

for any age swimmer and ability.

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SOKA University Aquatics Center

1 University Drive
Aliso Viejo, CA

The NOVAQUATICS have grown to include use of the outstanding facilities at SOKA University of America Aquatics Center in Aliso Viejo. The mild Southern California temperatures allow year-round outdoor workouts at all of our facilities. Soka University was the site used by the Novaquatics National team while in preparation for the 2004 Olympic Trials.

Senior Gold II

Associate Head Coach: Adam Crossen

Competition Calendar (.pdf)






Senior Silver I & II

Coach: Drew Crowell

Senior Silver I Competition Calendar

Senior Silver II Competition Calendar




Senior Gold I / Age-Group Gold I & II

Associate Head Age-Group Coach: Andi Kawamoto-Klatt

Competition Calendar






Bronze Senior & Age-Group

Coach: Alicia Ruiz





Silver Age-Group/Bronze Senior


Coach: Quincy Kelly