Program Details: Nova Intro

Nova Intro is a part of the Irvine Novaquatics swim team that introduces new athletes to year round swimming and helps improve technique and conditioning. Athletes in this program learn to swim each of the four strokes legally, and are exposed to proper starting techniques, flip turns, and how to follow sets using a clock.

  • Ages: 5-18
  • Must be able to swim all 4 strokes 25 yards
  • Practices: 2 maximum per week
  • Times: Vary by age group
  • Volunteer Requirement: determined yearly
  • Meet Participation: Optional
  • Please bring a birth certificate or passport to complete the registration process

Swimmers attend practice twice a week and are welcome to participate in team competitions. Practices are held at the Woollett Aquatics Center. To join the program, please contact us and come by for an evaluation during the following times: 

Evaluations:     By appointment through the following link:

Schedule an appointment here

or email [email protected]

Woollett Aquatic Center, Irvine, CA



Program Details: NOVA Swim School

NOVA Swim School is a great starting point for young children to teens, ranging from learn-to-swim to developing swim techniques for those a little more advanced. For more information, visit our Swim School website at: NOVA Swim School

Many NOVA swimmers start at NOVA Swim School. Once they achieve a basic understanding of proper swim strokes with confidence, many move into NOVA Intro for further refinement or into NOVA Developmental/Bronze for competitive swimming.