Ithaca Chargers 2022-2023 Practice Schedule

We are very excited to announce the new 2022-2023 season information! We are looking forward to a great year. Below are the Practice schedule, Fee/Dues, Pool locations, and Coaches.

** A new USA Swimming Registration process will be released on 9/1. More information on this will be coming soon**


Ithaca College Swim Clinic Registration:

1st  Register through the Syracuse Chargers website.

Within this registration, you will be able to select the training group and competitive option.

Register online at


2nd  Each swimmer must register for the Swim clinic through with Ithaca College.

Register online at


We will use the email you provide during registration for communication.


If registering for the Competitive Group, there is a 3rd step

3rd, register through USA Swimming if you are new to the Competitive Group for 2023.  


Practice Schedule

Group Descriptions