2019-2020 Chargers Award Winners

SYCH Max Effort-

Is given to the most Fearless Swimmer for each group, this swimmer does not backdown from a challenge and is always giving it their all!

Green Caz- David Park
Blue Caz- Laila Duggal
Gold Caz- Quinn Tait
Green JD- Sam Rhodes & Gianni Falgiatano
Blue JD- Griffin Wormer & Ryan Drogo
Gold JD- Aditi Shah & Dylan Wang
Junior Prep JD- Mary Jane Scott & Janelle Trett
Junior- Luke Marino
Senior- Emma Luttrell

Charger Award-

Is given to a swimmer that demistrated Leadership both in and out of the pool!

Green Caz- August Kligerman
Blue Caz- Vlad Roman
Gold Caz- Ezra Kligerman
Green JD- Malia Russell
Blue JD- Abbey Yahi, Collin Powers & Evan Garland
Gold JD- Kaleigh Ellerton
Junior Prep JD- Emma Paul & Maria Francescotti
Junior- Josie Coyne & Clara De-Souza
Senior- Katie Donaghue

Most Improved-

Is given to a swimmer that has shown great improvement throughout the season!

Green Caz- Avery Howe
Blue Caz- Iris Lu
Gold Caz- Cadence Brown & Harry Hausser
Green JD- Kendal Paul, Molly Abrams & Jonathan Pu
Blue JD- Aric Robinson, Izzy Parker, Reece Catalino
Gold JD- Quinzi Williams & Nyla Bright
Junior Prep JD- Leah Abrams & Derick Wang
Junior- Jamey Turo
Senior- Bobby Diel