Fall 2020 @ Cavalry Club


Cavalry Club has extended their outdoor pool permit to be open until the end of October. The pool is heated and will be kept at an appropriate temperature. Please know that, since we are outdoors, there may be cancelations due to weather. If the remainder of the season needs to be canceled for any reason you will be credited the difference that can be used towards future sessions.

For Green-Junior Prep there are 2 different registration groups each with their own times and days. When registering, the description shows the practice times for that group. Due to our COVID-19 policies, space is limited. Once the max number has been reached for that group, we cannot take anymore in the specific group.

A Zoom protocol session will be required prior to the first practice for all swimmers. You will need to attend even if you participated in our Summer session because of the new facility. You can read our COVID-19 protocol overview here

You MUST register via the website to secure your spot. Today- Sunday 9/20 at 8pm registration is open exclusively to returning Chargers members. Registration will open to new swimmers on Sunday 9/20 at  8:01pm pending slots still available.

Green $75 (10 swimmer max per group)

Green 1: Saturdays 10:35-11:10am
Green 2: Saturdays 11:25-12:00pm

Blue $110 (15 swimmer max per group)

Blue 1: Monday & Thursday 5-5:40pm
Blue 2: Tuesday & Friday 5-5:40pm 

Gold $150 (15 swimmer max per group)

Gold 1: Monday & Thursday 5:55-6:55pm
Gold 2: Wednesday 5-6pm & Friday 5:55-6:55pm

Junior Prep $190 (15 swimmer max per group)

Junior Prep 1: Tuesday 5:55-6:45, Thursday 7:10-8:10pm & Sunday 9:15-10:05am
Junior Prep 2: Wednesday 6:15-7:05pm, Friday 7:10-8:10pm & Sunday 10:20-11:10am

Junior $250 (20 swimmer max per group)

Monday 7:10-8:30pm, Wednesday 7:20-8:30pm & Saturday 9:05-10:20am

Senior $350 (20 swimmer max per group)

Tuesday 7-8:30pm, Wednesday 7-8:30am, Saturday 7-8:50am & Sunday 7-9am


*If your swimmer is new to USA Swimming, there will be an additional $20 USA Swimming registration fee. 

*If you are in need of financial assistance for this session, please contact us at sych@medleyaquatics.com