Want to Become an Official?

Anyone interested in becoming an Official, please email us at [email protected].

Syracuse Chargers will reimburse all expenses related to becoming a USA Official.



8. Free food, Admission and Heat Sheet.
7. The meets go by quicker.
6. The air temperature is cooler on the deck than in the stands. It’s the “Best Seat” in the pool.
5. By being an official you won't be asked to help time!
4. Potentially can deduct the travel expenses to the meet on your taxes.
3. You’ll never miss your child swim.
2. You get to take a more active role in your child’s swimming accomplishments.
1. We need Officials to be able to make meets happen, without them there are no meets!

How to Become an Official

*We will help you through each of these steps.

Step 1: Background Check
Step 2: Register for an Official's Clinic
Step 3: Become a USA Swimming Non-Athlete Member
Step 4: Complete your Athlete Protection Training
Step 5: Attend Training Clinics
Step 6: Create a USA Swimming Account
Step 7a: Online Test
Step 7b: On deck Shadowing
Step 8: Credentials


For more information you can Visit the following two websites:


USA Swimming Officials