Syracuse Chargers Junior & Senior
Spring/Summer 2019 @ JD Middle


Junior Team Training Dues: $545.

Mondays, Tuesday,
Wednesday & Friday: (4/14-7/1) 6:30-8:30p @ JD Middle School
Thursday: (4/14-7/1) 5:30-7:30p @ JD Middle School


Mondays – Fridays:  7:00-9:00a at Burnet Park

Monday & Wednesday 4:30-6pm Jd middle

$125 due at registration, with the balance of seasonal dues invoiced in May.

There is a $69 USA Swimming registration fee to all new members of the Syracuse Chargers.

SYCH pre-pays entry fees for swim meets on behalf of its members.  SYCH will invoice each member at the end of the month for these fees.