2020 Pool practice dues for swimmers not currently registered for the summer season

We will be swimming at Thornden Park in the mornings. The times will be between 6:45am and 10am. Depending on how many register for each group will determine the exact practice times. Green, Blue, Gold and Jr Prep will practice no earlier than 8:30am. Junior/Senior practice will end no later than 9am. After you registration you will receive and email with all the necessary practice information and protocols. An exact practice schedule will be sent when registration closes on Monday 7/20.

The First Day of practice will be 7/23 and will run until 8/19. The practice schedule will be posted on our TeamUp Calendar. 

Prices for each group:

Junior/Seniors: $175- 5 morning pool practices, 2 evening open water swims, 1 morning yoga and 2 morning dry land per week.

Gold/Junior Prep: $140- 3 morning pool practices, 2 evening open water swims, 1 evening yoga and 1 evening dry land per week.

Blue/Green: $90- 2 morning pool practices, 1 evening yoga, per week (blue also gets 1 evening dry land)