Syracuse Chargers Swim Team

The mission of the Syracuse Chargers Swim Team is to provide a safe and supportive environment where all athletes can develop the fundamentals to succeed at all levels, from novice to their highest personal aspirations. We strive to ensure all athletes are instilled with a lifelong love of swimming through education, team unity, and fun.

The overall vision for the Syracuse Chargers is to promote and lead the sport of swimming in the CNY area while becoming the premier para swim team in the Northeast. In the coming years, Chargers look to create team unity through partnerships between Coaches, swimmers, and parents that will benefit all parties as well as build our alumni network through various activities and events. Chargers will continue to provide coaches who are role models to our athletes in the areas of goal setting, motivation, attitude, morals, and maturity.

The mission of Syracuse Chargers coaches is to lead by example through advanced and informed instruction, present as role models in and out of the pool, and to continue to expand knowledge of the sport through a commitment to continued improvement.


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