Billing Payments explained for Blue, Gold, Jr Prep, Juniors and Seniors

Seasonal Payments

Fall/Winter: 6 payments, 1st due at registration and the remaining 5 due on the 1st of each month starting 10/1

Spring/Summer(Juniors only):  3 payment; 1st due at registration and the remaining 2 due starting 6/1

Spring(Blue, Gold, Jr Prep):  2 payment; 1st due at registration and the remaining 1 payment due on 6/1

Summer(Blue, Gold, Jr Prep): 1 payment; Due at registration


Full Year Payments

10 payments total; 1st payment due at registration and the remaining 9 payments due starting 10/1


Refund Policy

Syracuse Chargers will review any request for refunds made with the first 2 weeks of the team's practice season on a case-by-case basis. The request should be made to [email protected] and the following general guideline have been established:

-If a swimmer in injured or determines he/she does not want to continue within 2 weeks of starting with the team, the Syracuse Chargers will consider a refund of the Team Fees. 

-After the 2 weeks, the Syracuse Chargers Swim Team has a No Refund Policy concerning Team dues. On a case by case basis will issue an account credit. 


Meet Fees

When entered in meets that are not Intra club duel meets there are additional fees associated with participating in those meets. Those fees can be found in the meet announcement for each individual meet. Those fees will be invoiced to your account once you have signed up to attend.