Board of Directors

The HAST board meets twice per month, all club members are welcome to attend. The board meetings follow a predetermined agenda and must maintain points of order. All member suggestions are welcome but should be presented to board members prior to the meeting for inclusion to the agenda.

Elections for the Board of Directors are held at the March parent meeting. Nominations for positions on the board should be submitted to a current board member one month prior to the election. Members with at least 1 year in the club are eligible to run for office. All board members serve one year terms commencing on May 1st and terminating on April 30t h of the next calendar year. Neither the president nor vice-president can serve more than two consecutive terms.

Policies defined within this document are subject to change via a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Any changes to policies mid-season will be communicated at the next scheduled parent meeting.


Board Members

President - Connie Kidder ([email protected])

Vice President - Calista Amering

Secretary - Michelle Miller

Treasurer - Diana Christodaro

Safety Coordinator - Kris Runyon


Other HAST Roles

  • Communication & Social Media Coordinator - Deana Olles
  • Meet Director - Michelle Miller
  • Meet Director - Damon Runyon