Parent Information

Parent involvement is critical to success in competitive swimming. Swimmers are more motivated when their parents show an interest in the sport. The American Swim Coaches Association assembled the following quotes describing the ideal swim parent.

  • “The ideal swimming parent is one who supports and encourages his child without pressure.” -- Richard Quick, former United States Olympic Head Coach.
  • “The ideal swimming parent supports, backs, and listens. This parent understands long range goals. This parents sees beyond today.” -- Dick Jochums, Head Coach, Santa Clara Swim Club. Dick has coached several Olympic swimmers. 
  • “The ideal swimming parent is one who supports their child as a person, not as a swimmer.” -- Jonty Skinner, former World Record Holder.
  • "The kids who perform the best are the ones with supportive parents who let the coach have control of the child’s swimming career.” -- John Collins, Badger Swim Club Head Coach. 1983 ASCA Coach of the year.
  • “An ideal swimming parent is someone who realizes his child’s limitations as well as his achievements. The parent is supportive but not demanding and loves the child whether he wins, loses or draws.” -- Penny Taylor, Past Parkway Swim Club Head Coach and Former ASCA Board Member.

Ways for HAST parents to get involved

  • Learn the time standards and celebrate with your swimmer when they achieve a new qualifying standard.
  • Consider helping the HAST board or participating on a committee.
  • Participate in monthly parent meetings to learn about upcoming club events.
  • Volunteer to help during our HAST sponsored swim meets. This is a great way to show your swimmer your interest in their sport.