HAST strongly believes swimming is for everyone.  The sport of swimming is easily enjoyed by all, even those with physical or mental handicaps, as the water is a great equalizer!  At HAST we also do not want financial hardship to stand in the way of a promising swim career.  Whether your financial situation is very temporary, caused by an incident, or more long term, we can help.  USA Swimming reduces membership cost from $88 to $7 for a Premium Athlete membership and HAST will reduce our season dues in kind.  

Here is a link to the page at USA Swimming that descibes the program:  Outreach  

Here is a link to the application form:  Outreach Application

Click on the application to read what the requirements of the program are.  If your hardship is temporary, or sudden and unexpected, please simply fill out the top portion and then relay the circumstances to us either via email or in person.  

You can submit the form via email to [email protected], or bring the paper form to the pool and give it to the Club president, vice president or Outreach coordinator (when that position is filled). 

We must receive the form at HAST first.  We will send you a link to follow to register with USA Swimming.