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Sea Dragons Coaching Philosophy

Head Coach Karen Orcutt

Most importantly, the purpose of our club is to promote physical fitness, develop leadership qualities and sportsmanship, encourage team involvement, foster self- discipline, build self -confidence and provide a competitive swimming experience in an environment where a swimmer's full potential may be reached.

While achieving personal best times is a main goal, it is not the only focus of our coaching staff.  As a coaching staff, we are far more interested in using the sport of swimming for teaching life skills. Some of these life skills are:

• Goal Setting: Helping swimmers determine how to set and accomplish goals.

• Prioritizing:Helping swimmers to place the important things in their lives first and recognizing when swimming may not come first.

• Self-Motivation:Most things in life come from within, not from the outside.   One of my favorite quotes has always been “The Desire to Win must Come From Within.”

• Work Ethic: The great American work ethic: Hard work always pays off.

• Limits and Boundaries: Each swimmer should strive to achieve his/her highest potential and not compare himself/herself to others. We encourage swimmers to be in control of the things that they can control and to not worry about the things they cannot.  

• Team Work: A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.   SEA DRAGONS HAS A STRONG CHAIN.

• Healthy Lifestyle: Swimming for life.  We teach our swimmers how to eat well, take care of themselves, and avoid injuries so they can continue to enjoy swimming throughout adulthood.

• Responsibility: Decisions are made each day that affect swimming as well as other aspects of the swimmers’ lives.  Every decision comes with consequences that our swimmers learn to weigh in order to make increasingly responsible decisions.

My emphasis is on self-improvement.  We allow our swimmers to develop a sense of self-pride and confidence through hard work and dedication.  Those who work hard are not necessarily the fastest swimmers, but are always the most dedicated swimmers, as there is a direct correlation between the effort put into the sport and the result achieved.