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Purpose: Recognize and highlight clubs that are developing athletes and achieving success at multiple levels in the club swimming continuum emphasizing the team element in club swimming. This program serves as a key part of the Athlete Development & Performance component of the Club Recognition Program.

Period: The Virtual Club Championships will be tabulated annually for both the short course and long course seasons. Both Short Course Yard (SCY) and Long Course Meter (LCM) rankings will be tabulated using results achieved between September 1 and August 31. 

Tabulation: All registered USA Swimming clubs will be scored automatically. The USA Swimming Star Times Data Base will be used in combination with the Hy-Tek Single-Year Age Group Power Point system. The program scores single age groups from 11-16 years old and has a combined 17-18 age group. After all eligible swims have been scored using the power point system, a team score for each registered USA Swimming club will be calculated. The tabulation will occur once every evening.

Team Event Limit: Each team will be limited to two entries per event by age group and gender. The program will automatically tabulate which two events in combination with other teammates produce the highest team score.

Individual Event Limit: Each swimmer will be limited to four events. A swimmer may contribute only four times per season even if they age up (i.e. may have two times selected as an 11-year old and two as a 12-year old, but not four as an 11-year old and four as a 12-year old). The program will automatically tabulate which four events in combination with other teammates produce the highest team score. For larger clubs, the computer will go through more than 1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion) calculations to determine the optimum score!


Year Niagara
Total # of clubs
in the country
2016-17 Yards 2nd place - Niagara 309th - USA 2,744 teams
2015-16 Meters 1st place - Niagara 253rd - USA 2,616 teams
2015-16 Yards 1st place - Niagara 223rd - USA 2,653 teams
2014-15 Meters 1st place - Niagara 234th - USA 2,537 teams
2014-15 Yards 1st place - Niagara 326th - USA 2,764 teams
2013-14 Meters 1st place - Niagara 233rd - USA 2,503 teams
2013-14 Yards 1st place - Niagara 280th - USA 2,764 teams
2012-13 Meters 1st place - Niagara 289th - USA 2,436 teams
2012-13 Yards 1st place - Niagara 267th - USA 2,664 teams
2011-12 Meters 2nd place - Niagara 261st - USA 2,397 teams
2011-12 Yards 1st place - Niagara 164th- USA 2,602 teams
2010-11 Meters 1st place - Niagara 135th - USA 2,324 teams
2010-11 Yards 1st place - Niagara 155th - USA 2,579 teams
2009-10 Meters 1st place - Niagara 107th - USA 2,287 teams
2009-10 Yards 1st place - Niagara 97th - USA 2,556 teams
2008-09 Meters 1st place - Niagara 105th - USA 2,212 teams
2008-09 Yards 1st place - Niagara 104th - USA 2,484 teams
2007-08 Meters 1st place - Niagara 122nd - USA 2,208 teams
2007-08 Yards 1st place - Niagara 215th - USA 2,464 teams
2006-07 Meters 1st place - Niagara 181st - USA 2,169 teams
2006-07 Yards 1st place - Niagara 187th - USA 2,456 teams
2005-06 Meters 1st place - Niagara 165th - USA 2,189 teams
2005-06 Yards 1st place - Niagara 182nd - USA 2,460 teams
2004-05 Meters 2nd place - Niagara 190th - USA 2,184 teams
2004-05 Yards 1st place - Niagara 185th - USA 2,456 teams
2003-04 Meters 4th place - Niagara 328th - USA 2,142 teams
2003-04 Yards 1st place - Niagara 197th- USA 2,467 teams