Victor Swim Club

General Information 

Explained below are some of the important terms, events and activities in which the Victor Swim Club participates:

USA Swimming (USAS)
USAS is the abbreviation for United States Swimming, Inc. the national governing body for swimming in this country. The headquarters are located at 1750 East Boulder Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909.

Niagara Local Swimming Committee (LSC)
This is our USA Local Swimming Committee (LSC) for western New York. Our LSC consists of 76 clubs with approximately 4500 swimmers. The geographical area covered by our LSC is Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Binghamton. We are the sixth largest LSC in the country by the number of registered swimmers.

Genesee Valley Swim League
The Victor Swim Club (VICT) is a member of the Genesee Valley Swim League which is comprised of 9teams, including the Fairport Area Swim Team (FAST), Marlins Swim Club (GRSC), Hilton Area Swim Team (HAST), Pack Swim Team of Pittsford (PACK), Rochester Rapids Swim Team (RRST), Sea Dragons Swim Club (SDSC), and Webster Swim Association (WEBS) . The league sponsors a dual meet season and at the end of the season, the league holds championship meets.

Victor’s Hosted Meets
We host three United States Swimming (USA) sanctioned meets during the short course season. The Halloween Classic is held in October, the Victor New Years Meet is held in January and the Winter Classic in February. These meets provide a significant amount of our revenue and allow us to keep the dues at a lower level. All members are expected to work at these meets.

Combo/Dual Meets
There are typically 4 dual meets from Mid-October to early March. The dual meets are usually held on Saturdays against one other club from the Genesee Valley Swim League. The swimmers compete in separate age groups: 8 & under, 10 & under, 12 & under and 13 & over, for both boys and girls. Your swimmer is entered in all league dual meets by the coaching staff.  

Invitational Meets
Throughout the year individual clubs in the Niagara LSC (NI) and United States Swimming (USA) sponsor Invitational meets. Invitational’s are meets with many teams competing with each other. As a team, Victor Swim Club will enter several of these meets throughout the year. Attendance of these meets is highly recommended by the coaching staff and club. This gives the club a chance to win a Team or Age Group Trophy which are given out at those events. Swimmers can also enter these meets as individuals, information is posted on the Club web site. There are additional fees (Deck Fees, Event Fees, Meet Fees) for these meets.

Annual Banquet
The banquet is to celebrate the end of the Short Course Season. Awards are given for performances during the year.

Fundraisers (3)
The VSC is planning three fundraisers for the season. All proceeds go back into our Club to keep dues down and to purchase necessary equipment for the Coaches and Swimmers. The fundraisers include:

Fall Pie Sale Fundraiser
The Victor Swim Club holds a pie sale fundraiser during the fall.


The Swim-A-Thon is a fund-raising event sponsored by the Victor Swim Club and sanctioned by United States Swimming (USA). Swimmers solicit a flat fee or pledges for each lap they swim. The money for past Swim-A-Thons has been used to buy and upgrade equipment. This is our major fundraising event, for which we seek support from the community, for the year.

Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters

Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters partners with the Victor Swim Club to sell bags of coffee.